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$ASRE Holcomb Energy Systems, inc.

IPO Dividend or “Spin Out” for Waste to Energy Recycling Business with Listing on Senior US Exchange : Astra Energy Inc. (Stock Symbol: ASRE)

Astra Energy Inc. (OTCMKTS:ASRE)

We believe the spin-out of Regreen Technologies will be very beneficial to shareholders as it will unlock the value of the Technology Assets by allowing it to be developed separately by a skilled”

— Ron Loudoun, ASRE CEO

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — IPO Dividend or “Spin Out” for Waste to Energy Recycling Business with Listing on Senior US Exchange; Independent Testing Demonstrates Global Prospects: Astra Energy Inc. (Stock Symbol: ASRE)

 Developing Renewable Clean Energy Projects in Key Markets Such as Vietnam, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Others.

 Acquired Patented Waste Management Technology that Cleans Up Waste Sites Creating Residual Revenue via the Sale of Sterile Pellets, Biofuels, and Power Generation.

 Planed Spin-Out of Regreen Technologies Subsidiary as Stock Dividend to ASRE Shareholders.

 Intention to List Spin-Out of Regreen Technologies Subsidiary as an IPO on a Senior US Stock Exchange.

 Independent Testing Validates System for Converting Waste to Material That Can be Used as Safe Compost or Refined to Valuable Marketable Bio-Products.

 Zanzibar and Tanzanian Projects have Gained Support and Commitments from Local Officials as well as the US Chamber of Commerce.

 New CEO Pays Off Convertible Note to Protect Shareholder Value.

Astra Energy Inc. (OTCQB: ASRE) is an integrated solutions provider investing in and developing renewable and clean energy projects in markets where demand is high, supply is limited and there is an opportunity to address other imminent market needs.

The ASRE corporate strategy is rooted in securing technologies and assets; identifying viable market opportunities; and bringing together resources, expertise, technology, and defined action plans to execute first-in-class projects that benefit communities, local economies, the planet, and the Company’s investors.

ASRE has a goal to create a more secure and sustainable power sector that supports the Company’s purpose, mission, and values to transform the economic, environmental, and social landscape for generations to come.

For investors, ASRE has an attractive share structure with approximately 75 million shares outstanding and an approximate public float of 37 million. There are no preferred or outstanding shares issued and no long-term or convertible debt on the balance sheet.

Spin-Out of Regreen Technologies with Stock Dividend to ASRE Shareholders

On September 6th ASRE announced that its Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution to commence the process of listing its subsidiary Regreen Technologies Inc. (“Regreen” or “Spinco”) on a senior U.S. exchange with an accompanying IPO or to spin out Regreen into an existing company on a senior U.S. exchange.

ASRE plans to distribute the common shares of Spinco to ASRE shareholders. ASRE shareholders of record will ultimately own shares in two public companies: Spinco, which will focus on the manufacturing, licensing, and distribution of equipment based on the Regreen patented technology; and ASRE, the parent company, which will continue with both the development of its clean and renewable energy projects abroad and the advancement of the Holcomb Energy Systems initiatives.

Ron Loudoun, ASRE CEO, stated: “We believe the spin-out of Regreen Technologies will be very beneficial to shareholders as it will unlock the value of the Technology Assets by allowing it to be developed separately by a skilled and focused management team, and it will allow our shareholders to own shares in two companies. This further demonstrates our commitment to significantly enhance shareholder value with another move in a series of corporate actions designed to enhance shareholder protection and unlock fair value of our asset. We recognize the challenges investors face in today’s market climate and will continue to be aggressive in order to achieve fair market value for our assets and to protect shareholders.”

Independent Testing Results Demonstrating ASRE Regreen Technology’s Ability to Turn Waste into Non-Waste at Pilot Operation in California

On August 21st ASRE announced that the company’s subsidiary Regreen Technologies Inc. achieved significant results in processing waste into a non-waste Class A compostable commodity.

As determined through independent testing by Soil Control Lab, analytical chemists, and bacteriologists approved by the State of California, when processing municipal solid waste through the ASRE Regreen system, the output produced has been converted to an odorless material free of harmful bacteria and pathogens, which does not have to be treated further or transported to the landfill. The resulting material can be used as compost or further refined to valuable marketable bio-products.

These results represent validation that the ASRE Regreen technology and processing system complies with California Senate Bill 1383, which mandates the reduction of disposal of organic waste in landfills by 2025. ASRE has demonstrated a valid solution that all municipal recovery facilities in California can utilize to comply with SB 1383. The solution can also be applied nationally. U.S. landfill sites are regulated by each state’s environmental agency, which, in turn, follows the guidelines set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The business case for the ASRE Regreen system is based on both collecting a tipping fee for processing the waste and securing offtake agreements for the output commodity. The average municipal solid waste (“MSW”) landfill tipping fee in the United States ranges from $53.04 to $69.94 U.S. dollars per ton. There are 1,074 recycling facility businesses in the U.S. as of 2023. There are more than 300 million tons of MSW generated annually in the USA alone. In 2022, the revenue of waste management services in the U.S. surpassed $140 billion USD after a decade of continuous growth.

The ASRE Regreen Total Waste System can be sold or deployed globally and offers diverse income opportunities for ASRE by way of outright sales of the equipment or through joint venture opportunities. This technology meets U.S. and international eco guidelines and is an excellent addition to ASRE IP portfolio.

Q3 2023 Letter to Shareholders

On August 16th ASRE CEO and Chairman Ron Loudoun provided an update letter to the company’s shareholders which included the following highlights:

ASRE reached a major operational inflection point and ramp-up is underway for upcoming revenues to accelerate throughout 2024.

ASRE subsidiary Regreen Technologies Inc. achieved a significant milestone with the installation of an operational demonstration model at a materials recovery facility in Hesperia, California.

ASRE Regreen Technologies Inc. recorded its first revenues from an initial deposit for a joint venture with a large company in India.

ASRE Holcomb Energy Systems Inc. achieved a development milestone with the installation of both onsite and offsite demonstration of the Inline Power Generator (ILPG) technology.

ASRE Holcomb Energy Systems closed an initial purchase order of ILPG units for potential large-scale use in communications towers.

Both the ASRE Zanzibar 50-Megawatt (Budget $170 million) Clean Energy Park Project and the Tanzanian 350-Megawatt combined cycle power plant project (Budget $380 million) advanced as ASRE moves towards becoming an independent power producer in the region.

ASRE convertible note cleared from the balance sheet to protect shareholder interest and avoid any potential dilution.

Further, both the ASRE Zanzibar and Tanzanian projects have gained support and commitments from local officials as well as the US Chamber of Commerce. Studies, reports, engineering, etc. are underway, as well as initial discussions surrounding power purchase agreements. It’s very noteworthy that ASRE intends to own and operate these projects as an independent power producer, selling the power to the state-owned utilities via a long-term power purchase agreement.

New ASRE CEO Immediately Pays Off Convertible Note Ahead of Maturity Date

On August 10th ASRE announced that the company’s new Chairman and CEO, Ron Loudoun prepaid the only convertible note on the balance sheet to avoid any potential dilution to the company’s stock and to protect shareholder interest.

Mr. Loudoun has extensive experience in business development and operational leadership as well as an innate ability to achieve common goals that advance aligned strategic priorities for the companies he is involved in. He brings expertise to ASRE that will ensure efficiency, focus, and a drive toward creating value are embedded in all aspects of organizational decision-making.

“Astra is at a very exciting operational inflection point. Years of concerted effort and business development have brought the company to a point where both the Holcomb and Regreen technologies can be presented to a backlog of potential customers. With manufacturing in place, the timing for this company to advance could not be better. We are looking forward to a very rewarding time for all stakeholders,” said Ron Loudoun, ASRE CEO and Chairman.

For more information on $ASRE visit: www.astraenergyinc.com

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