ISSIP Adds Meta, NVIDIA, UCSC and Panelists to September 27th Discovery Summit

2023 Tech for Good ISSIP Discovery Summit Speakers

Deborah Stokes, Dell Technologies and ISSIP VP

Dell Technologies’ Deborah Stokes, Event Chair to Moderate on Topic of Tech for Good

ISSIP’s 2023 Discovery Summit will explore the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, the societal impacts that will result, and the way forward … for the future we all seek”

— Deborah Stokes of Dell Technologies and ISSIP Vice President

SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/ — The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP), advancing innovation to benefit business and society, today announced the robust panel of industry and academic leaders to be featured as panelists in ISSIP’s September Tech for Good Summit.

ISSIP 2023 Discovery Summit: Tech for Good will explore how we can guide development, understanding and implementation of technology to ensure benefit to people, business, and society.

The two-hour online event, September 27, 2023, will explore why and how technology can indeed be good for everyone, featuring leading authorities from multiple perspectives – NGO, industry and academia. Event chair and ISSIP Vice President, Deborah Stokes of Dell Technologies will moderate a panel discussion on the topic of Tech for Good, providing opportunity for engagement and interaction with the ISSIP community on this important topic. The event is free to ISSIP members (and through 2023, it is free to become an individual ISSIP member).

“Tech for Good” ISSIP Discovery Summit Event Flow
— Welcome – ISSIP President Utpal Mangla of IBM
— 2023 ISSIP Tech for Good Survey Findings – Michele Carroll, Executive Director – ISSIP
— Keynote Address – “Multidisciplinary by Design: Leveraging diverse teams to advance innovation and equity” — Carlotta Arthur, Executive Director, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (DBASSE), National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM)

Tech for Good Panel:
— Moderator – Event Chair, Deborah Stokes of Dell Technologies and ISSIP Vice President
— Vanita Wells, VP, Customer & Inventory Operations (Reality Labs), Meta
— David Lee – Director Tech for Good Lab at UC Santa Cruz, Baskin Engineering
— Renee Yao – Global Lead, Healthcare AI Startups, NVIDIA
— Nicole Reineke, Founder & CTO,

About Our Keynote Speaker/ Topic Abstract – Carlotta Arthur, ‘Multidisciplinary by Design: Leveraging diverse teams to advance innovation and equity.’

Carlotta Arthur, Executive Director of United States NASEM’s Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (DBASSE), focuses the knowledge, analytical tools, and methods of the behavioral and social sciences on some of the most pressing issues facing the nation. NASEM interdisciplinary research has shown that advances in science and engineering increasingly require collaboration to cut across traditional disciplines to address complex problems.

However, collaborative approaches to innovation, that importantly include deep social and behavioral science expertise from the beginning, seem relatively rare. Inclusion of social and behavioral science professionals on diverse, multidisciplinary teams at the outset can have significant positive implications at all steps of the innovation process, as well as for equity. Arthur’s keynote will explore this challenge and opportunity in an address titled: “Multidisciplinary by Design: Leveraging diverse teams to advance innovation and equity.”

About Our Tech for Good Panel — The ‘Tech for good’ panel discussion will explore both opportunities and the challenges of technology in the AI era. Today’s unprecedented pace of innovation and adoption can yield phenomenal positive impacts, from applications to solve the biggest, most complex environmental, social and governance problems from ending poverty, hunger and injustice, to achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals — to business or government use of generative AI to drive increased productivity and even happiness. Our experts will share specific use cases happening now or envisioned that help all manner of people better understand others with different mental, visual or developmental abilities, socioeconomic situations, geographic and infrastructure challenges. Participants will learn specific examples of how innovators, from startups to the largest organizations in the world, are leveraging tech to make a positive difference in the world, to use technology as a powerful tool to improve outcomes for under-served populations.

ISSIP defines Service as the application of resources (e.g., knowledge, capabilities, technology, or goods) for the benefit of another. Service innovations arise when responsible actors use emerging technologies, business models, and/or institutional arrangements to improve win-win interaction and change, increasing benefits and reducing harms for all stakeholders. For tech to be good, harms must be anticipated and minimized, so that when benefits scale, ‘global’ impact is positive.

ISSIP advances innovation to benefit people, business and society. For more, go to

“ISSIP’s 2023 Discovery Summit will explore the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, the societal impacts that will result, and the way forward with a focus on multidisciplinary collaborations for the future we all seek,” said Deborah Stokes of Dell Technologies, 2023 Discovery Summit Chair, and ISSIP Vice President.

Free to all ISSIP members, Deborah encourages the ISSIP community to please complete the 5 minute survey on Tech For Good and register to stay informed of changes and announcements pertaining to specific timing for the key components of the two-hour online event on September 27.

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