LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 / — Jacknjellify, an animated YouTube channel owned by visionary creators Cary and Michael Huang, proudly marks over sixteen years of animated content. Since its inception on February 4, 2008, Jacknjellify has been a pioneering animation studio, entertaining audiences with its iconic web series, Battle for Dream Island, Battle for BFDI, BFDI: The Power of Two, and a plethora of other imaginative animations.

Samuel Thornbury, an Animation Director at Jacknjellify, has been a leading figure behind the success and growth of the studio. A talented writer and director whose creativity and wit have shaped the trajectory of the acclaimed BFDI:TPOT series, Thornbury is a pivotal figure in online content creation with over 140 videos on YouTube and an impressive total view count surpassing 100 million. His ascent to prominence has been meteoric, seamlessly transitioning him to both write and direct. With his expertise in Adobe Animate and Premiere, Thornbury has played a multifaceted role in the production process, from animation revision to sound arrangement, elevating each project to new heights of excellence.

The impact of Thornbury’s directorial prowess is palpable in episodes like “BFDI:TPOT 9: Outbreak At Stake,” which achieved a stellar IMDB rating of 9.2/10, solidifying its status as one of the series’ top-rated episodes. Moreover, the theatrical release of “BFDI:TPOT 6: The Great Goikian Bake-Off” in Los Angeles and New York City drew sold-out audiences, highlighting Thornbury’s ability to engage viewers on digital and traditional platforms.

Thornbury’s influence extends beyond episodic content, with his adjacent projects for the Jacknjellify channel generating millions of views and driving subscriber engagement. His shrewd understanding of “YouTube Shorts” has further expanded the reach of Jacknjellify’s content, catering to a mobile audience and amplifying the channel’s impact in the short-form content space.

His contributions include three episodes that garnered acclaim in 2021, contributing to clinching the prestigious “Outstanding Web Series” award at the Cartoon Crave Awards for “Battle for Dream Island.”

As Jacknjellify continues to captivate viewers, Samuel Thornbury remains a driving force behind the channel’s success, exemplifying unparalleled talent and dedication to the craft. Thornbury continues to reaffirm his position as an acclaimed Animation Director at the studio, building upon Jacknjellify’s standing at the forefront of animation excellence for years to come. The series is set to be translated into several different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and other markets, where it has already been a success with a large number of viewers in each region.

Mr. Thornbury will be a leading figure at several distinguished events for the “BFDI & Inanimate Insanity 2024 Tour!” with over 17,000 tickets expected to be sold, already selling out in many cities across the country. The tour includes venues such as the NYU Skirball Center – New York, New York – June 28th, 29th, 30th, the Linda & Archie Dunham Theater – Houston, Texas – July 6th, and the SIFF Cinema Egyptian – Seattle, Washington – July 13th, 14th.

About Jacknjellify:
Founded in 2008 by Cary and Michael Huang, Jacknjellify is a leading YouTube channel renowned for its groundbreaking series, including Battle for Dream Island, Battle for BFDI, and BFDI: The Power of Two. With a legacy spanning over sixteen years, Jacknjellify continues to entertain its growing audience of millions of engaged viewers with its innovative storytelling and visual artistry.

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