Jiveworld Announces Soundbites: A Free Daily Listening Challenge for Spanish Learners

An illustrated image of the Jiveworld language learning platform open on a computer. It shows a variety of images representing stories from the Radio Ambulante podcast.

Jiveworld features stories by NPR-distributed podcast Radio Ambulante

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Jiveworld SPC (Social Purpose Corporation) launches Soundbites. These listening-focused mini lessons are designed to deepen a language learner’s understanding of Spanish as it’s really spoken across Latin America. Each Soundbite features a hand-crafted challenge that guides the listener through a story excerpt from the award-winning Radio Ambulante podcast, and then reveals unique insights into dialects and culture – all in about 4 minutes.

Soundbites at a glance:
– The Daily Soundbite is free for all, no account, download, or subscription required
– Mini language lessons designed to fit into busy schedules
– Hand-crafted challenges written by linguists and education experts
– Unique insights that go beyond the dictionary, diving into into accents, vernacular, and culture
– Real-spoken Spanish from 20+ countries from the Radio Ambulante podcast, distributed by NPR
– Bonus Soundbites, along with full stories, available to Jiveworld subscribers

“Our customers told us that they don’t always have time to study a chapter, let alone a full story,” explains Daniel Raynaud, CEO and cofounder of Jiveworld. “So I gave our education design team a seemingly impossible task: create a listening challenge with our real-world stories, that takes you a step closer to practical Spanish fluency, and that you can complete in less than five minutes. And it has to be interesting — something you would look forward to doing every day.”

The magic of Soundbites lies in the bingeable three-tier structure: an intriguing challenge, an audio story excerpt accompanied by vocabulary and transcription, and an informative reveal — all inside the patented Jiveworld assisted-listening player.

For example, one Soundbite, from a story set in Costa Rica, focuses on the word “tuanis,” a very common slang in that region. The reveal explains how “tuanis” is just the word “buenos” that has undergone a cipher (or pig-latin) invented by nineteenth century El Salvadoran general, Francisco Malespín. ‘T’ becomes ‘B’, ‘A’ becomes ‘E’, and so on. It then asks the learner to decode other popular Malespín slang derived from other common Spanish words.

Visit http://jw.app/today to see today’s Daily Soundbite and learn more at jiveworld.com.

About Jiveworld
Jiveworld is an innovative digital language learning platform focused on immersive learning through spoken story content. Its patented assisted-listening player gives intermediate-level and above learners the support and guidance they need to understand native speakers from around the world. Formerly known as “Lupa,” Jiveworld Español launched in 2019 in partnership with the award-winning, NPR-distributed Radio Ambulante. The partnership serves as an additional revenue stream for the narrative journalism podcast hosted by novelist, journalist, and MacArthur Fellow, Daniel Alarcón. With the launch of Soundbites, Jiveworld takes another step towards making language learning a seamless part of daily life.

Jiveworld is available on the web, in the Apple App Store (46k+ unique downloads, 4.8 stars), and in the Google Play store (21k+ unique downloads, 4.8 stars).

Quotes from early Soundbites customers:

“I love how all the Soundbites give one or more examples of the new word or phrase in complete sentences. As a language teacher, it’s fun to see all the mini-lessons that can be taken from these.” – Amy M.

“Listening to the Soundbites and seeing their answers, it’s like chatting with a Spanish friend, letting you in on the ‘inside scoop’.” – Nicole P.

“As a Spanish learner, it can be difficult to know what terminology is country/region-specific vs. universally applied. These are the aspects of language that are so hard to cover in purely didactic teaching but are conveyed so seamlessly in a medium like Jiveworld.” – Rick O.

“Today was a very busy day, and I really liked having this bite-sized lesson. If not for [Soundbites], I wouldn’t have listened to any Spanish today.” – A.J. Smith

“I enjoy the variety of regions, accents, and even ages of speakers (older adults speak differently than young people even within the same families).” – Adam J.

“I love how short Soundbites are; they’re something I can incorporate into my life even on busy days. The comprehension questions make sure I’m actively listening/reading. Previously, if I encountered a difficult accent in a podcast I would give up, thinking I wasn’t ready for that level of Spanish. Soundbites encourages me to push myself.” – Christy N.

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