The Golden Odyssey free mobile game with Trump as the Player Character, protagonist

The Golden Odyssey free mobile game with Trump as the Player Character (protagonist)

Inspired by his controversial Golden Trump Statue, José Maurício Mendoza introduces a provocative video game set to challenge cultural and political boundaries.

I don’t need anybody’s money, It’s nice, I’m really rich”

— Donald J. Trump

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 / — José Maurício Mendoza MBA, the co-creative force behind the Golden Trump Statue, announces his latest venture, The Golden Odyssey. This thrilling new video game, which launches on Labor Day weekend, draws inspiration from his bestselling book Golden Trump Statue: An Immigrant’s Journey and the controversy of his famed co-artwork.

The Golden Odyssey is a strategic indie game created on the Unity platform. Players are invited to explore a shadowy, surreal version of Trump Tower while making crucial choices about allies and assets as they advance through levels. The game cleverly integrates elements from José Maurício Mendoza’s book and his renowned statue, enriching the player’s experience. As gamers face challenges, they engage with a narrative that mirrors the complexities and intrigues of the real world.

The Golden Trump Statue, featured extensively by CNN, The Washington Post, and other major outlets, has stirred many significant political and cultural conversations.

‘My new game, The Golden Odyssey, is poised to amplify this discourse, using the statue’s controversial legacy to engage and challenge players on multiple levels,’ says José Maurício Mendoza. The game explores themes of leadership and power dynamics, encouraging players to reflect on these issues through interactive gameplay. This approach makes sure the conversation continues, evolving with the players’ experiences and interpretations.

José Maurício Mendoza, MBA, is a Mexican-born immigrant who has transformed his early experiences of being brought to the U.S. undocumented into a potent force for cultural and political commentary. He holds a bachelor’s degree in management and a master’s in business administration, channeling his extensive education into his writing and art, producing autobiographical and political books that discuss his personal journey and beliefs.

His works advocate for a more harmonized perspective on American politics, drawing from his life as a devoted American who has faced and overcome significant challenges. Now turning to game development, Mendoza is extending his influence by engaging audiences through interactive media, promising to infuse his unique insights and experiences into the gaming world.

“With each piece that I create, my goal is to offer a unique, unthought-of perspective that enriches and provokes conversation,” Mendoza says.

Seize the chance to explore The Golden Odyssey by registering at for updates and secure your free demo before it’s gone. Available until Election Day, this limited offer lets players dive into José Maurício Mendoza’s newest creation early.

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