Jumbula Launches New Scheduling Feature for Private Sessions and Group Classes

Advanced calendar to register for sessions

Easy administration setup

Jumbula introduces the Scheduling feature. Program operators can now increase their top line revenue by offering private and group sessions.

SAN MATEO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Jumbula, a leading provider of online registration and payment systems, has released a major solution to the marketplace. Jumbula remains dedicated to meeting its users’ needs and prioritizing their feedback. In response to the high demand and valuable suggestions of its user community, Jumbula announces the successful rollout of the Scheduling solution for private sessions and group classes. The Scheduling system enables program administrators to easily manage and organize their sessions. It offers unmatched flexibility, allowing users to register for classes per session, providing ultimate convenience for participants and instructors. In addition to per-session enrollment, users can choose to register for packages and memberships.

Business Advantages at a Glance

From a business standpoint, the new feature offers a range of benefits to increase top line revenue:
-Increased revenue: Program operators can generate additional revenue streams by expanding their product offerings.
-Attracting a diverse audience: The new feature provides a personalized environment for users who prefer private settings and offers group sessions for users who enjoy the dynamics of group interactions.
-Registration options: Participants can register and join classes with various options, such as single sessions, packaged classes and memberships.

Technical Advantages at a Glance

The private sessions and group classes offer the following capabilities from a technical perspective:
-Daily and hourly schedules: The capability to offer multiple sessions on the same day at various hours and durations.
-User-friendly registration flow: Calendar-based scheduling allows users to browse the classes and choose a session that best fits their needs and schedules.
-Flexibility in management: Offering classes at various days and times, packaging sessions, membership options and support for discounts.

Learn more about the benefits of the Scheduling feature

“We are excited to introduce the scheduling and private lessons feature to our platform,” said Ignacio Carranza, the VP of sales and marketing at Jumbula.

“Our goal is to empower program administrators and instructors to create, manage, and promote their programs effortlessly.”

“Utilizing the new features is simple and easy”, according to Ignacio. The private sessions and group classes step-by-step setup wizard ensures that users can create schedules, set up classes, define registration periods, and manage fees effortlessly.

About Jumbula

Founded in 2013 in Silicon Valley, Jumbula is a leading provider of online registration and payment systems for camps and classes. Jumbula provides a complete end-to-end ecosystem for enrollment services, secure payments, invoicing, recurring billing, communication, and marketing promotional services. The Jumbula platform is ideal for institutions of any size for many business verticals, such as schools, daycare facilities, learning centers, enrichment academies, sports clubs, performing arts, and religious schools. To find out more about Jumbula, please visit www.jumbula.com.

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