Kingfish Member Michael O'Neill performing Union Firehall NJ Live

Kingfish Member Michael O’Neill performing Union Firehall NJ

Danny Galvano-Paul Baroli Jr - Michael O'Neill Kingfish 2022 Union Live

Danny Galvano-Paul Baroli Jr – Michael O’Neill Kingfish 2022 Union Live

The Porch of Producer John Austin Mulhern with Kingfish members 2022

The Porch of Producer John Austin Mulhern with Kingfish members 2022

“The Spere Experience” in Vegas Dead & Company surges the interest in this genre of music Dead Heads are alive and well and sure to enjoy offshoot band Kingfish 2022 album release with old favorites.”

— Edward Mero DDF JAM Records

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 / — The Kingfish band, known for their unique blend of rock, blues, and country, is making waves in the music industry with their latest album recorded in 2022. Titled Kingfish 2022 the album features old favorites of the Dead offshoot, performed by members of the Kingfish band in honor of their late member Danny “Rio” DeGennaro. The album has been receiving a surge of attention, propelling the band into the spotlight and solidifying their place in the music world.

With Dead & Company shows at The Sphere in Las Vegas fans are once again reminded of the great music of this era. Fans are eager to hear this latest album.

The Kingfish band, formed in 1973, has been a staple in the music scene for decades. However, their latest album has brought them a newfound level of recognition. The band’s performance at Union Firehall New Jersey, featuring members of Kingfish, has been highly anticipated by fans and critics alike. The show not only showcased the band’s musical talents but also served as a tribute to their late member, Danny DeGennaro.

DeGennaro, who was a member of Kingfish from 1973 until his untimely passing in 2011, was a highly respected musician and songwriter. His contributions to the band’s sound and success have not been forgotten, and this album serves as a testament to his legacy. The album features DeGennaro’s original compositions, as well as covers of songs he performed with Kingfish. The band members have expressed their excitement and honor in being able to pay tribute to their late friend and bandmate.

The album, recorded by Kingfish band members Michael O’Neill and Steve Shive, along with Steal Your Face members Paul Baroli and Danny Galvano, is a must-listen for fans of the Dead offshoot and lovers of rock, blues, and country music. Dead & Company performances at The Spere Experience in Las Vegas is set to be a memorable event, showcasing Dead & Company talent and the importance of this music genre. “Kingfish 2022 album is now available for streaming and purchase on all major music platforms.

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