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Kismet Health launches company during Telehealth Awareness Week, addressing the demand for a specialized telehealth solution in pediatrics.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/ — Kismet Health, a digital health company, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary pediatric telehealth platform, designed for providers by providers. At a time where healthcare accessibility and effective delivery of care is more critical than ever, Kismet Health is positioned to transform the way pediatric care is delivered. This innovative platform marks a significant leap forward in pediatric healthcare, by providing accessible and high-quality care specifically designed for children and their families, while simultaneously supporting the clinical needs of providers.

“I often get asked how I came up with the idea of Kismet Health. It’s truly been a lifelong journey. As a Native Alaskan, I was born on a small island with limited access to medical care. I was diagnosed with a chronic condition as a child, and because of my diagnosis, I have been deeply familiar with how access to care can mean life or death. Over time as a Clinical Child Psychologist, I began to deeply understand and experience that problems with existing solutions went beyond security and quality – kids are not tiny adults; they have their own hospitals, specialty providers, and medical instruments, so why wouldn’t kids also need technology that is created specifically for them? This was a question that resonated personally with me and led to the creation of Kismet Health,” said Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Cierra Gromoff.

Historically, there has never been a telehealth solution created specifically for the pediatric population. Most telehealth platforms have primarily been designed for business meetings, adult engagement, and rely heavily on verbal communication. Data has shown this does not work for the pediatric population, especially in regards to engagement.

With its proprietary technology and engaging digital playroom, Kismet provides a cost-efficient and accessible solution while enhancing the standard of care. Kismet is easy to use, with a few clicks one can access this HIPAA compliant and browser-based platform from anywhere. Promising early pilot results with Kismet show 90% of children exceeded their developmentally appropriate expected time in session by as much as 2.5x. In addition, 95% of children successfully completed full sessions with Kismet, exceeding the industry standard completion rate of less than 30%.

“We are thrilled to announce Kismet Health’s launch during Telehealth Awareness Week. Our mission is to make pediatric healthcare accessible, engaging, and exceptional for every child. At Kismet, we are taking a significant step towards achieving that goal and unlocking quality care for families everywhere. This is just the beginning for Kismet, and we are excited to be a leader in advancing the future of pediatric healthcare for generations to come,” said Co-Founder, Christie Sander.

Kismet Health invites healthcare providers, executives, and administrators to explore and experience the future of pediatric healthcare with its groundbreaking pediatric telehealth platform. To learn more or to schedule a demo, please visit

Kismet Health is the first pediatric telehealth platform designed for providers, by providers, to boost patient engagement, streamline workflows, and improve clinical outcomes for children ages 0-18. With Kismet’s proprietary technology and digital playroom clinicians can focus on what they do best – providing quality care to families everywhere, while enabling a cost-efficient and high standard of care.

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