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www.kyxsneakers.com offers a premium pre-worn sneaker buying experience

KYX Sneakers is redefining the sneaker market with a revolutionary Sneaker Rating System, professional cleaning, and authentication.

With KYX, we’re not just selling sneakers; we’re building trust and reshaping the way enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike shop for their next favorite pair.”

— Jason McElveen, President of KYX Sneakers

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Inspired by the renowned sport card grading systems, KYX Sneakers pioneers a custom rating system for pre-worn sneakers. By offering detailed 360º photos, KYX stands at the forefront of transparency, ensuring buyers see and know exactly what they are purchasing.

KYX’s tagline, “Meant to be Worn,” reflects the focus on providing enjoyable footwear for buyers.

The KYX Rating System assesses sneakers across five components, emphasizing those most visible. KYX’s mission is to set this system as the industry standard, ensuring that online buyers receive what they expect with the aim of providing a consistent and reliable buying experience.

KYX guarantees authenticity using AI technology and human expertise.

With all inventory maintained in-house, KYX promises same day shipping–a stark contrast to the often delayed processes of peer-to-peer platforms where authentication happens after the purchase has been made and delivery can take weeks. KYX offers a sure thing.

Beyond the rating system, KYX ensures an extraordinary purchase experience. Sneakers undergo rigorous cleaning by experienced technicians and are further enhanced with a signature KYX air freshener for an exceptional unboxing experience.

Further pushing for transparency, KYX allows users to view sold sneakers and their selling prices. This combined with the KYX Rating System fortifies KYX’s dedication to standardizing the pricing of used sneakers.

“We value being a discovery platform that lowers barriers, whether in price or ensuring authenticity and quality,” stated Jason McElveen, President of KYX Sneakers.

“We noticed a lot of used sneaker sites were not using the actual photos of the pre-worn shoes, creating buyer confusion and a lack of trust. We looked at what major players have done for new sneakers with the goal of becoming exactly that for the pre-worn market,” continued McElveen.

“With KYX, we’re not just selling sneakers; we’re building trust and reshaping the way enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike shop for their next favorite pair,” McElveen concluded.

Launching with an eclectic mix of over 2,000 used sneakers, KYX offers prices between $50 and $2,000, catering to every enthusiast. From the iconic Off-White Jordan 1 and Patta New Balance, the range spans beloved classics and contemporary hits. While showcasing renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Jordan, KYX eagerly anticipates the inclusion of emerging brands, amplifying the richness of the sneaker world.

Press assets, including logos and photos, are available here. To check out the site or learn more information about the experience, please visit KYXsneakers.com. Please contact press@kyxsneakers.com for press inquiries.

About KYX Sneakers
KYX Sneakers, based in Los Angeles, CA, disrupts the used sneaker market with its revolutionary rating system, professional cleaning, and authentication. With over 2,000 pairs, KYX continually introduces new styles, embodying trust, transparency, and ease in buying used sneakers. KYX is supported by leading consumer venture funds and partners including SeventySix Capital, Rachel Zoe Ventures, Jeff Staple’s RAD Equities, 305 Ventures, Ezra Galston from Starting Line, and Scott Keeney/DJ Skee.

Experience the future of used sneaker shopping and explore our collection today at KYXsneakers.com.

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