Lance Hool, Acclaimed Director/Producer, Examines the 2023 Hollywood Strikes

Lance Hool


LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2023/ — The premier studio facilities of New Mexico have fallen silent amidst the ongoing strike that has driven away production. Santa Fe Studios, renowned for hosting hit shows like “The Cohen Brother’s Legend of Buster Skruggs,” “Godless,” “Cosmos,” and many others, now stands empty, its stages vacant and lights turned off. However, despite the challenges posed by the strike, Studio Owner, Producer, and Director, Lance Hool, stands firmly in support of the strike, declaring it to be a necessary and overdue move.

“The strike puts me between a rock and a hard place, but it’s about time,” Hool asserts. “Our industry’s very core is merit-based. If your film or series succeeds, you should share in the fruits of your labor and investment.”

The advent of streaming platforms has fundamentally altered the traditional compensation model, shifting towards one-time payments that exclude profit-sharing. Hool highlights that this approach, while upfront, overlooks the true potential of successful projects and hinders the fair distribution of rewards among the talent and investors involved. He points to a recent example where “Knives Out 2” was sold for an astounding $470 million one-time fee, yet failed to garner the viewership that Hool’s film, “2 Hearts,” achieved. Despite the immense popularity of “2 Hearts,” the lack of a profit-sharing arrangement meant that those involved received no additional compensation when the film soared in popularity on platforms like Netflix.

Nevertheless, Hool remains optimistic and resolute. Undeterred by the strike’s challenges, he reveals plans to expand Santa Fe Studios, doubling its size. “The strike may be lengthy, but I believe it will be resolved,” Hool affirms confidently. “We are committed to developing our own original shows and are fully prepared to create and produce new content. In fact, we already have a long list of shows waiting to come to Santa Fe Studios.”

About Santa Fe Studios:
Santa Fe Studios is a renowned studio facility located in the heart of New Mexico. Over the years, it has hosted numerous successful productions, including shows by acclaimed directors like The Cohen Brothers, as well as other notable projects in the entertainment industry.

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