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Size matters, and when it comes to LBE VR gaming centers, the larger the venue, the more successful the business, according to Maxim Karandashov, CTO at ANVIO.

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 3, 2024 / — ANVIO VR, a global franchise operation with over 45 locations from the USA to India, has been in the location-based entertainment business right from the start when virtual reality emerged. It acts not only as an operator of LBE VR business solutions but also as a developer of next-generation VR technologies.

In a recent interview, Maxim Karandashov, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ANVIO VR, delved into the evolution of the location-based virtual reality industry and the technological milestones that have shaped the VR entertainment landscape. He discussed game-changing innovations from the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets to the development of wireless, free-roam VR experiences and the future potential of the LBE VR sector.

Speaking about the industry’s future from a technological standpoint, Maxim Karandashov envisions gradual yet impactful advancements. While no revolutionary shifts in VR headset technology are expected in the upcoming year, companies are poised to embrace innovations akin to those seen in the Meta Quest 3. Over the next 3-5 years, he predicts significant improvements, resulting in smaller, more comfortable headsets.

“Achieving the ideal scenario seems possible, where a person can put on lightweight glasses that are only half an inch thick and instantly immerse themselves in the gaming world, interacting with other participants,” anticipates Maxim. This is the direction VR technology is moving towards, aiming for more intuitive and engaging experiences.

Overall, Maxim envisions the future of LBE VR in large gaming centers that deliver top-notch service and cater to visitors of all ages. “It’s about amusement parks with facilities spanning at least 5000 square feet,” he notes.

The future of LBE VR hinges on three key factors: content, operational quality, and the ability to attract visitors. These elements are as crucial for LBE VR venues as they are for restaurants, cinemas, and other entertainment centers. While equipment limitations will ensure the core product and its quality remain consistent across the industry, one thing is certain: size significantly impacts VR experiences. The larger the space available for free movement, the more immersive and impactful the virtual reality experience becomes.

Consequently, location-based virtual reality will evolve from merely providing content to offering comprehensive venues where people can socialize, play various VR games, celebrate special occasions, relax with friends, enjoy themselves, and more. The focus will shift towards creating a holistic experience centered around VR entertainment.

Bob Cooney, the world’s leading expert on location-based VR and the organizer of the VR Arcade Summit, shares his enthusiasm for bigger and better venues, “For VR arcades, it started out as lots of little 10×10 feet booths where people would go in and play single-player games, maybe a multiple-player game with someone in another booth. But people want to play together, especially post-pandemic. People really want to come back together in a physical way, and free-roam VR enables that. Free-roam is the future of VR arcades; it’s something that people won’t be able to do at home. They don’t have the space. They are not going to have six people all with the same headsets coming over at the same time.”

Family Entertainment Center (FEC) market research underscores this trend, showing notable growth. According to Straits Research, the FEC market size was valued at USD 25.13 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 58.30 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 9.80%. This indicates a strong consumer preference for venues that offer a variety of entertainment experiences under one roof, making expansive gaming centers an attractive proposition for future investments and development.

ANVIO Park in San Diego, located in the bustling Westfield Plaza Bonita shopping mall, is one of ANVIO’s largest locations in the United States and a key showcase for potential LBE VR investors. This spacious facility covers 5000 square feet and has been operational since November 2021. It includes two 33×33 feet game zones and offers visitors an unparalleled virtual reality experience with over 40 games from ANVIO and other companies.

The gaming zones are complemented by a popular lounge area where visitors can relax with friends while enjoying a variety of VR attractions and simulators, including Moto VR, Car VR, Rollercoaster VR, and four single-player VR stations. On average, the park hosts at least five group gaming sessions daily, with weekends seeing this number rise to 12 or more. Corporate events also significantly contribute to the park’s success, resulting in a monthly footfall of over 1000 visitors.

ANVIO Park targets friends and families seeking shared experiences. It emphasizes the importance of franchisees having at least two game zones. The company encourages providing diverse VR attractions to cater to various clientele and boost profitability, aligning with industry trends.

About ANVIO:
ANVIO is a rapidly growing location-based VR operator and free-roam VR content developer. The company has been operating in the VR entertainment market since 2016. It is expanding globally, with over 45 locations in 13 countries accommodating over 20,000 players monthly. ANVIO’s game library currently features 9 games targeting different segments of customers.

ANVIO is a proven turnkey solution for location-based virtual reality businesses with a simple startup process. Offering low investment, an easy customization process, and professional 24/7 technical support, the ANVIO VR solution combines multiple benefits at all stages of business development.

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