Leading National Cannabis Brands Adopt Ganjier Product Specialist Program At Launch To Empower Their Workforce

Leading national cannabis companies adopt Ganjier Product Specialist program training

[This program] dives deeply into cannabis product knowledge and sets the standard for quality by giving participants an in-depth understanding of the plant & processes for creating cannabis products.”

— Elizabeth Rice, Sales Director at Kiva Confections

HUMBOLDT, CA, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Leading cannabis brands across the U.S. have adopted the brand-new, groundbreaking Ganjier Product Specialist program to provide their workforces with a comprehensive understanding of cannabis products, consumption methods, quality preservation techniques, and assessment best practices.

Akin to the Level 1 Sommelier certification in the wine industry, or the Beer Server Certification in Cicerone, the Ganjier Product Specialist program is a 100% online training and credential program designed to ensure that cannabis professionals have comprehensive and accurate expertise around the wide range of cannabis products they are creating, marketing, and selling.

“The Ganjier Product Specialist Program dives deeply into cannabis product knowledge and sets the standard for quality by giving participants an in-depth understanding of the plant and processes for creating cannabis products,” said Elizabeth Rice, Sales Director at Kiva Confections, Certified Ganjier. “At Kiva, we are passionate about giving our team professional development opportunities to learn from industry legends while furthering their knowledge and passion, as well as their careers at Kiva, and more broadly in the cannabis industry. Kiva has enrolled all of our consumer- and budtender-facing Field Marketing Representatives in this program to bring their level of expertise to the next level.”

As the cannabis market continues to expand at a dizzying pace, the need for well-trained professionals who understand the nuances around the products they create and sell has never been more important.

Brands adopting Ganjier Product Specialist training for their employees at launch include:
– Kiva Brands
– Kiva Sales & Service
– Cookies
– Curaleaf
– Parallel
– Natura Life + Science
– Ascend Wellness
– Jane Technologies
– AlpineIQ
– Embarc

People throughout these organizations, from top executives and managers to front-line staff and rising leaders, are actively participating in this new training and credential program.

“Cannabis is remarkably complex, which is why there is broad consensus that more robust and focused cannabis education is essential to the health and success of our industry,” said Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower & Ganjier. “With the Ganjier Product Specialist program, we’re providing businesses with an affordable, accessible, and scalable solution to train their workforce in the areas that will have the strongest impact on growing their business and the industry at large.”

The 4 main learning objectives of the program include:
– Comprehensive Product Knowledge: Acquire a thorough understanding of each cannabis product category in the market today, including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, beverages, topicals, and more, with emphasis on differentiating these products by composition, usage, and consumer demand.
– Quality Assessment Skills: Develop the skills necessary to critically assess the quality of cannabis products using objective assessment criteria.
– Quality Preservation Techniques: Learn best practices for maintaining the quality and freshness of cannabis products from storage to sale, preserving the craft of the producers and ensuring optimal value to consumers.
– Optimized Consumption Strategies: Understand each method of cannabis consumption, and get tips and tricks to maximize the benefits and enjoyment.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the products that make up the cannabis industry today, enhance their professional credibility in the industry with a respected credential, and take their cannabis skills and knowledge to the next level.

For more information about how to invest in the success of your team through the Ganjier Product Specialist program, visit the website today—as well as the GPS business-to-business contact page to access exclusive B2B pricing.

The programs of Ganjier are part of Green Flower’s robust continuum of cannabis education offerings. This also includes Green Flower’s partnerships with nearly 60 universities and colleges across the U.S., as well as business offerings such as Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) and Cannabis Handler Certificate (CHC) training.



Kiva Sales & Service
“Kiva Sales & Service (KSS) is committed to providing the highest level of expertise and service in the cannabis sales and distribution industry. The Ganjier Product Specialist program offers unparalleled training for our sales team that combines in-depth product knowledge with advanced service techniques. This investment in our team’s development underscores KSS’ dedication to quality and excellence—we can’t wait to get started.” – Chris Fesperman, Director of Product and Education, Kiva Sales & Service

“Cookies and Green Flower have always partnered around our shared value for authenticity and respect for the plant. We are looking forward to rolling out the Ganjier Product Specialist program to strengthen our ability to have objective conversations around quality cannabis products, and truly improve cannabis education for our teams and ultimately our consumers.” – London Van der Kamp, Director of Innovation & Product Development, Cookies

“When I founded Grassroots in 2014, we wanted to ensure that cannabis education and connection to the plant remained a key element of the brand. Now under Curaleaf, the Ganjier Product Specialist program is a perfect fit to ensure our team remains educated about the cannabis plant, and aligned to the industry as a whole. I’m proud of our team members who participated in the Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program in 2023, and look forward to providing access to this new Ganjier program to key departments and roles across the organization.” – Matt Darin, CEO, Curaleaf

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Green Flower via the Ganjier Product Specialist program, further enhancing our training programs for our retail teams. At Parallel, we are committed to an employee experience that is intentional, consistent, and focused on people. We understand high-quality, intentionally curated, and industry-relevant training is not only important at the onset of an employee’s career but throughout their tenure with us. This dedication to excellence in customer service is what sets us apart in the evolving cannabis landscape and drives our organizational performance, retention, and engagement. We are excited to further this journey, elevating the professional value of each associate and continuing to grow Parallel as a leader in the industry.” – Lynnette French, Chief Operating Officer, Parallel

Natura Life + Science
“We are excited to work with Ganjier because it offers an unparalleled opportunity to deepen our knowledge and skills in the cannabis industry. The Ganjier Product Specialist program provides our team participating with a deep dive into cannabis products present in the current marketplace, how to assess the quality of those products, and more—supporting Natura’s commitment to constant reinvention and innovation in the process. This program not only enhances professional growth but also elevates the standards of cannabis service and product quality across the industry.” – Adam James, VP of Marketing, Natura Life + Science

Ascend Wellness
“The Ganjier program invites deeper exploration and appreciation of cannabis, opening doors to more opportunities in an expanding industry for trainees and further destigmatizing cannabis overall. Ascend is home to some of the most dedicated cannabis professionals in the industry, and we are thrilled to be able to offer our employees this level of education and industry certification via the new Ganjier Product Specialist training program.” – Adrian ODougherty, VP, Learning and Development, Ascend Wellness

Jane Technologies, Inc
“Jane Technologies, Inc. is participating in Ganjier Product Specialist training because we are passionate about evolving our cannabis product knowledge, knowing it will enhance our services and value we provide to our brand partners, the dispensaries we work with, and ultimately the end user. Jane takes tremendous pride in building and maintaining the world’s largest cannabis catalog, and by having our teammates participate in this Ganjier training, we can ensure each sku in the Jane Catalog is created by individuals who have a deep level of cannabis products education.” – Alexandra Rodriguez, SVP Partner Success, Jane Technologies, Inc.

Alpine IQ
“Our commitment to elevating the cannabis industry is demonstrated by certifying our team with Ganjier Product Specialist training, emphasizing our expertise and dedication to providing top-tier service and support for operators utilizing Alpine IQ. This certification reinforces our pursuit of excellence and our belief in the industry’s promising future.” – Nicholas Paschal, Chief Executive Officer, Alpine IQ

“Expanding cannabis-specific education is a crucial part of the broader movement to destigmatize the plant and legitimize the many individuals who dedicate their careers to it. Through the partnership with the Ganjier Product Specialist Program, Embarc is elevating its internal training and education efforts, ensuring that our store leadership is exceptionally knowledgeable and able to meet the diverse needs of anyone who walks through our doors.” – Jason Pitts, President of Retail, Embarc


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