LearnVille and CoinDesk will offer underserved youth in Austin a unique opportunity to attend the 10th Consensus Conference on May 30, 2024

LearnVille is a bridge to education for underserved youth. Through partnering with leaders in Web3, we’re able to spark curiosity and forge opportunities for our future leaders and changemakers.”

— Carrie Lyn

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a groundbreaking initiative to bridge the digital divide, LearnVille, an innovative EdTech platform, has partnered with Consensus by CoinDesk, the leading global blockchain conference, to provide blockchain education opportunities to underserved youth. This collaboration aims to ignite interest and impart skills in blockchain and digital finance among students from disadvantaged communities through engaging panels and workshops at the Consensus Conference.

LearnVille, renowned for its dynamic approach to STEAM education, and CoinDesk, a leader in blockchain and digital finance education, will offer underserved youth in Austin a unique opportunity to attend the 10th Consensus Conference on May 30th. This event will enable them to interact with global technology leaders, offering insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain, thereby enhancing educational outcomes and future career prospects.
Brad Spies, Managing Director of Consensus, remarked, “This partnership is built on the shared belief that every young person deserves access to the tools and knowledge that will define the future landscape of tech and finance. We are excited to welcome the next generation into these conversations.”

Carrie Lyn, Founder of LearnVille, expressed her enthusiasm: “LearnVille serves as a vital bridge to education for underserved communities. Through partnering with the global leader of Web3, together, we’re able to spark curiosity and ambition while forging connections and opportunities for our future leaders and changemakers.”

Julie Lamb, Founder of NFT.VIP, added, “Supporting LearnVille is crucial because it equips our youth with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, ensuring everyone has access to quality education.” She emphasized the real-world applications of immersive, collectible ticketing solutions for students.

Krypto Pioneers, another key partner, will facilitate learning from the block to the blockchain, connecting inner-city communities to emerging technologies and ensuring equal access to blockchain advancements. Six, co-founder of Krypto Pioneers, stated, “It is essential for inner-city communities to experience emerging technologies and gain equal access to blockchain advancements.”

The Consensus Conference, celebrating its 10th annual gathering, will feature tailored sessions where participants can explore various applications of blockchain, network with industry professionals, and discover potential career paths in blockchain and digital finance. This hands-on experience aims to inspire curiosity and passion among the young attendees.

Building on previous successes, such as partnerships with VeeCon and NFT LA, LearnVille continues to champion inclusivity and educational equity. This initiative with Consensus is another significant step towards educational equity, inspiring other conferences and industry leaders to consider how they can contribute to educational reform and tech accessibility.

Consensus and LearnVille are now calling on other leaders in technology and education to join them in this vital effort to democratize access to tech education, paving the way for a more inclusive and decentralized digital future for youth across the country.

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