Legal Aid in the Digital Age: Handcuffs to Hope— Wall St. Prison Consultants Turning the Tables on the Judicial System


Prisons Uncovered

Prisons Uncovered

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Navigating justice with Wall Street Prison Consultants. Case reviews & prison survival strategies for white-collar defendants. A beacon of hope in tough times

When a crisis hits, it’s all about damage control. We guide individuals through the turbulence, mitigating impacts and restoring balance in the storm of the federal justice system”

— Larry Levine

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2023/ — Legal Aid in the Digital Age: Wall Street Prison Consultants Leads the Way From Handcuffs to Hope—Turning the Tables on the Judicial Process

Every dawn ushers in a new day, but for some, it can mark the beginning of a life-changing and terrifying journey. The arrival of an FBI SWAT team, the sudden clasp of handcuffs, and a disorienting home search are the grim initiation into a reality that targets of white-collar crime investigations suddenly find themselves in.

These individuals suddenly see their lives irreversibly changed as they are vilified, subjected to multiple court appearances, and inevitably, like 97% of those arrested, convicted, sentenced to federal prison, and branded as felons.

While attorneys often become lifelines in such situations, not all offer the necessary support. Some prioritize fees over clients’ welfare, making empty promises of probation and delegating critical tasks to assistants. “Even the few attorneys that specialize in the federal system and work hard for their clients, have a limited understanding of what happens outside the courtroom and after sentencing creating enormous amounts of uncertainty for those recently charged or convicted of a white collar crime.

What Wall Street Prison Consultants Does

Stepping into this gap is Wall Street Prison Consultants & Custody Advisors, offering damage control, crisis management, and expert guidance. The firm aids defendants by exploring sentence reduction strategies and early release programs that can significantly decrease their time in federal custody and provide crucial support throughout the legal process—from indictment and trial to sentencing, prison survival, and supervised release.

With a spike in white-collar indictments, the demand for specialized services navigating the intricate U.S. District Court and federal prison systems has never been greater.

The firm doesn’t provide legal advice but critically evaluates clients’ cases, explaining the laws, potential penalties, and possible strategies to limit their exposure to federal custody.

Services offered include:

Criminal Case Reviews
Discovery Review
Plea Agreement Evaluations
Pre PSR Preparation
Sentencing Reviews
Prison Designations
Prison Survival Programs
Early Release Plans
BOP Early Release Assistance

Founded in 2008 by Larry Levine, the first prison consultant in the United States, and a US District Court appointed Sentencing Mitigation Expert, the firm leverages Levine’s understanding of the complex federal court process and his decade-long experience across 11 different federal prisons. This unique insight into the federal prison system has equipped the consultancy to offer unmatched expertise.

Comprising retired federal prison staff, former inmates, sentencing mitigation experts, and custody advisors, the firm pledges honesty, holding clients’ hands through the storm and offering guidance amidst an overwhelming and often isolating situation that the legal profession frequently overlooks.

Adapting to an increasingly digital world, Wall Street Prison Consultants now offer virtual consultations via Skype or Zoom, making their invaluable advice accessible, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

“Federal prison can be a complex, intimidating environment for those unacquainted with its workings,” says Levine. “Our goal is to arm our clients with the knowledge and tools to navigate this system effectively and make their journey smoother and safer.”

“Our successful track record in helping clients reduce their sentences and navigate the challenges of incarceration has seen us recognized by prominent news organizations, including CNN, Fox News, News Nation, NBC, ABC, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times,” Levine adds.

Media outlets are encouraged to explore the unique services offered by Wall Street Prison Consultants, delve into Levine’s groundbreaking approach to navigating the federal prison system, and share these insights with their audiences

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