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CARSON, CA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 / — KPBS, a PBS member television station located in San Diego, California, and owned by San Diego State University as a crucial component of KPBS Public Media, has partnered with LightWerks to revolutionize collaboration technology across its San Diego campus. This strategic integration, spanning lobby areas, walkways, conference rooms, board rooms, lounges, newsrooms, production offices, a digital innovation center, and a community engagement room, is poised to significantly enhance efficiency and, consequently, boost revenue and viewership for broadcasting station. The infusion of cutting-edge technology promises to streamline operations, increase engagement, and elevate the overall viewer experience, positioning KPBS as a leader in the dynamic landscape of modern media consumption.

The Community Engagement Center at KPBS stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology, fostering seamless interaction and collaboration. The center boasts a sophisticated Extron control system, featuring an intuitive iPad touch interface with the Extron App for comprehensive control. Complementing this setup are three state-of-the-art Sony displays, a Sony projector seamlessly integrated on a Chief drop-down lift, and a Da-Lite screen for optimal visual experiences. The audio system is powered by Q-SYS, encompassing an amplifier, DSP, and strategically placed speakers. AVer  PTZ conferencing cameras ensure high-quality visuals during virtual engagements, while Shure ceiling and wireless microphones guarantee pristine audio capture. For effortless content sharing, the inclusion of a Mersive Solstice Pod enables wireless sharing capabilities. To capture and share valuable moments, the Extron recording/streaming device rounds out the technological ensemble, making the Community Engagement Center a hub for innovation, connectivity, and immersive community experiences at KPBS.  The corporate and production offices at KPBS leverage Sony displays for content viewing. In smaller conferencing spaces within KPBS, the setup includes Bose video bars, Mersive Solstice Pods for seamless wireless sharing, Sony displays mounted with Chief mounts, and Extron control for enhanced functionality and ease of operation. 

A highlight of the KPBS project is the striking half-moon video wall, meticulously designed and installed by LightWerks to serve as a commanding viewing platform within the newsroom. This visually stunning display incorporates multiple Sony displays, offering the production team an unparalleled opportunity to monitor diverse streams of the network’s programs concurrently. The comprehensive solution is seamlessly integrated with Extron control for efficient management, complemented by Mersive’s wireless sharing capabilities , enhancing collaboration and engagement in this dynamic media environment. 

The Boardrooms and Conference Rooms at KPBS echo the features of the Community Engagement Center, showcasing uniform technology such as Sony displays and projectors, AVer PTZ conferencing cameras, Extron control systems, SHURE ceiling microphones, Mersive Solstice for wireless sharing, and Listen Technologies’ assisted listening solutions. This standardized approach simplifies operation for end users across different spaces, eliminating the need for extensive familiarization with each room’s tools. The consistency in technology, coupled with post-installation end-user training conducted by LightWerks, has significantly contributed to enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations for KPBS’s IT department. 

The transformative collaboration between KPBS and LightWerks has not only elevated the technological landscape across the San Diego campus but has also positioned KPBS as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving media industry. The strategic integration of cutting-edge technology throughout various spaces, from the Community Engagement Center to corporate offices and conference rooms, underscores a commitment to efficiency, engagement, and a superior viewer experience. The half-moon video wall in the newsroom and standardized features in boardrooms and conference rooms exemplify the seamless and comprehensive approach taken by LightWerks. This project goes beyond mere enhancement; it represents a paradigm shift that is bound to not only optimize operations and boost revenue but also foster a future-ready environment for KPBS. The consistency in technology and the thoughtful post-installation training further emphasize the enduring value that LightWerks has brought to KPBS, propelling them towards continued success in the dynamic media landscape. 

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