Will Akerlof & Pete Bethune, Appa the Belgian Malinois, crew of the Modoc and members of the Costa Rican Coast Guard aboard the Modoc in Cocos Island, Costa Rica.

Will Akerlof & Pete Bethune, Appa the Belgian Malinois, crew of the Modoc and members of the Costa Rican Coast Guard aboard the Modoc in Cocos Island, Costa Rica.

From High Seas Adventures to Boardroom Strategies: Akerlof’s New Role Amplifies His Commitment to Global Conservation

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a move that underscores his deep commitment to environmental conservation and preserving marine habitats, Will Akerlof, the Founder and CEO of Liquid Advertising, has been named to the Board of Directors of Earthrace Conservation Costa Rica. This new role marks a pivotal chapter in Akerlof’s journey of activism and adventure, aligning his passion for the planet with strategic conservation efforts on a global scale.

Akerlof’s affiliation with Earthrace Conservation, an organization renowned for its daring and impactful environmental missions, began after being inspired by a TEDx talk by Earthrace founder Pete Bethune. His initial involvement evolved from supporter to active participant, joining the crew on several high-stakes missions aimed at protecting marine life and combating illegal fishing activities. Akerlof’s firsthand experiences on the front lines of conservation, from night watches against pirates in Colombia to aiding the Coast Guard and Park Rangers in their efforts to defend marine protected areas in Costa Rica, have not only contributed to Earthrace’s mission but have also enriched his perspective as a leader committed to making a difference.

Reflecting on his appointment, Akerlof shared, “Joining the Board of Directors of Earthrace Conservation Costa Rica is both an honor and a profound responsibility. My adventures with the Earthrace team have shown me the power of direct action in conservation and the critical need for strategic leadership to amplify our impact. I am excited to bring my experiences and insights to the boardroom, driving forward initiatives that protect our planet for future generations.”

Pete Bethune, founder of Earthrace Conservation, expressed his enthusiasm for Akerlof’s new role, stating, “Will’s passion for adventure and his commitment to our cause have been evident from the moment he joined us. Having him on our Board of Directors not only strengthens our team but also brings a fresh perspective on how we can further our mission. His unique blend of business acumen and hands-on conservation experience will be invaluable as we navigate the challenges ahead.”

Akerlof’s appointment to the board is a testament to his belief in the power of individual and collective action in the fight against environmental degradation. As Akerlof embarks on this new role, his story serves as an inspiring reminder of the impact that dedicated individuals can have on global conservation efforts. Through strategic leadership and a commitment to action, Akerlof and the Earthrace Conservation team are setting a course for a more sustainable and protected planet.

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About Earthrace Conservation
Earthrace Conservation is a global conservation organization founded by Pete Bethune, focusing on protecting marine and wildlife habitats. Through direct action and collaboration, Earthrace aims to combat illegal fishing, wildlife trafficking, and habitat destruction, operating with a team of former military and intelligence operatives. For more information, www.earthrace.net

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