Lisa Guerrero, Award-Winning Journalist, to Receive Award at the Innocent Lives Foundation Gala, September 23, 2023

Lisa Guerrero

Lisa Guerrero, a trailblazer in the fight against child exploitation, will be honored at the Innocent Lives Foundation “Ending Child Exploitation Gala.”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2023/ — Lisa Guerrero, an award-winning journalist and esteemed author, will be honored at the Innocent Lives FoundationEnding Child Exploitation Gala.” The exclusive event will occur on September 23, 2023, at the Castaway Burbank in Burbank, California. The Gala will start at 6 PM (PST). For more information about the Gala, click here:

As a survivor herself, Guerrero is a pioneer and spokesperson in the fight to end child exploitation and abuse. Her courage and resilience make her a trendsetter. She is one of the first reporters to connect human trafficking and prominent events like The Super Bowl.

“She has covered cases involving murder, rape, trafficking, domestic violence. As a survivor, she is a role model in using her story to empower, help and shine a light on the dark corners,” says the Innocent Lives Foundation.

Guerrero is an accomplished individual with a diverse range of talents. She has showcased her versatility and expertise across various fields as a journalist, actress, model, sportscaster, and investigative correspondent. She is best known for her prominent role in the widely acclaimed TV show “Inside Edition.” In her highly anticipated debut memoir, “Warrior: My Path to Being Brave,” Guerrero vividly recounts her remarkable journey from being a timid and grieving eight-year-old girl grappling with the heartbreaking loss of her mother to cancer. The memoir delves into her transformational experiences as she embarks on a modeling and acting career during her teenage years; her path further leads her to become an NFL cheerleader, where she not only exudes talent and grace but also begins to make significant strides for women in the media industry.

The Innocent Lives Foundation emphasizes Guerrero’s crucial role in their mission, closely monitoring her endeavors in the fight against child exploitation. One of the foundation’s primary objectives is to shed light on the hidden and sinister realms of the world where child trafficking and the distribution of child sex abuse material generate profits. Guerrero’s work aligns perfectly with this goal, as she brings significant awareness to these distressing issues, helping to combat them and protect vulnerable children from exploitation.

The “Ending Child Exploitation Gala” will undoubtedly be a night to remember. The event will be brimming with captivating music, engaging entertainment, and uplifting stories shared by courageous individuals at the forefront of the battle against child exploitation. The Gala promises to be an inspiring and empowering gathering, uniting like-minded advocates in their collective efforts to protect and safeguard the innocent lives of children.

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