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SheStyles continues to host boutique, popup-style shopping experiences in partnership with some of the city’s most respected organizations

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 / — Early on in the pandemic, teen sisters Brooke and JoJo Friedman decided it was time to clean out their closets. Prior to this, the older of the two sisters, Brooke, liked to wear outfits that were baggy and boyish in appearance. Looking down at her pile of oversized clothes, she asked, “Will other girls actually want to wear these?” She pictured someone on the receiving end of her donation, rummaging through the overstuffed trash bag and overcome with disappointment.

This experience spurred a household conversation about the shortcomings of the clothing donation process, which the sisters began to realize was rooted in the convenience of the donor and largely ignored the experience of the recipient. They believed that girls who didn’t have access to new clothes still deserved the dignity of choosing how they would like to dress, and they felt confident that they could do better than the “clothes in a trash bag” model. Aiming to flip the system on its head, SheStyles was born.

Through SheStyles, Brooke and JoJo sought out to provide girls in underserved communities across Los Angeles with stylish clothing options at no cost, delivered through a personalized, boutique-style shopping experience. They launched their first pop-up shop in the parking lot of the Saban Community Clinic’s East Melrose location in 2022. Since then, the girls, along with a team of high school volunteers they call “SheStylists”, have hosted 7 additional pop-ups across the city.

Last month, SheStyles hosted two back-to-back events in partnership with Project Soar at William Mead Homes, a city-owned low-income housing development near Chinatown, and the brand new KIPP Scholar Academy in South Los Angeles on Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th respectively. Between the two events, about 82 girls attended and left with bags full of clothes. “Brooke and I understand what it’s like to be a teenage girl and how clothing can play a big part in your self-confidence,” added JoJo. “We want to give all girls the opportunity to shop for clothes they love. It was amazing to see such a strong turnout.”

Bringing in the largest attendance to date, April’s events with Project Soar and KIPP marked a pivotal point in SheStyles’ journey. “Working alongside organizations like these has really helped us advance our mission,” commented JoJo. “Hosting our events at their locations gives us the opportunity to reach the communities we want to serve.” Moving forward, SheStyles plans to continue expanding partnerships with more organizations serving young women and girls in need across Los Angeles.

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