SVGator introducing Lottie animation

SVGator introducing Lottie animation

Lottie animation breakthrough update, as SVGator rolls out support to enable users to import, create, and export Lottie files and animated SVG.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2024 / — SVGator, the best web animation tool for beginners, introduces full support for the Lottie file format. Designers and developers can now use SVGator to implement Lottie animations into their projects. This solution has none of the setbacks that other animation creators have – no need for plugins, third party apps or code writing. The brand aims to simplify the animation workflow for motion designers across the board.

Create motion graphics from scratch using SVGator. Export your animations as:

– Lottie files for web and mobile platforms,
– Static and animated SVG for the web,
– Video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, WebM, and MKV),
– Image formats (GIF, PNG/APNG, WEBP, PNG image sequence).

Lottie is a vector-based format with excellent multi-platform support. Like SVG, it enables designers to create performance-optimized animations for the web. With this update, SVGator implements the most comprehensive and intuitive solution to create Lottie animations. The tool now has a consolidated position as the go-to animation software on the market.

With the new Lottie file support, SVGator now brings the following benefits:

Effortless Animation Import – upload a pre-made Lottie animation into SVGator’s editor with just one click. It’s just as easy to import your static SVG file or an image.

Advanced Animation Toolset – customize, adjust timing with keyframes, and add easing for impressive animated effects, all within the app’s UI.

One-Step Animation Export – the easiest way to animate Lottie and SVG also includes the most straightforward solution for exporting motion graphics. It can all be done directly in the tool’s export panel.

Optimized JSON Setting – reduce the file’s size by up to 70% by optimizing the JSON structure.

Unlimited Free Exports – export an unlimited number of Lottie animations from SVGator with advanced features included, all completely free.

About SVGator

SVGator is a full-featured online animation tool. It has an intuitive UI that enables users to create and implement vector motion graphics with ease. The tool was created to facilitate the process of designing web animations. Motion design beginners and professionals use the app to create lightweight animations that live on the web and in mobile apps.

The animation software has practically eliminated the need for coding skills. You no longer need to write a single line of code to create and edit SVG animations.

The team behind SVGator continues to upscale their product. It now has the best workflow for creating and implementing Lottie animations.

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