The Strength of the Nation

The steps to regain a nation’s greatness.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2023 / — “The Strength of the Nation” is Luisa Mirella Plancher’s detailed explanation of attaining a once great and strong nation. Plancher states in the book that international problems cannot be easily solved by diplomacy or military interventions, the major solutions lie within the religious arena.

Author Luisa Mirella Plancher had the idea to compose “The Strength of the Nation” when she saw former president Donald Trump and announced that it is his desire to “make America great and strong”. Plancher realized that she had discussed the same topic in her manuscript “The Angel of the Lord”. Plancher states that America must act as the beacon of hope for humanity and is the solution for world peace. It is beneficial not only to the citizens residing in the United States when the country regains its greatness but to the rest of the nations as well.

Luisa Mirella Plancher graduated from college and proudly holds a degree in Political Science and pursued a career in Social Work. Plancher began writing in 1980 and soon decided to compose a book dedicated to making America great again when former president Trump appeared on the political scene. Plancher is a former Italian school teacher who relocated to the United States when she married her American husband.

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