Maeve De Voe Released the Dance Hit of 2024

January 2024 Maeve De Voe’s Newest ‘Paparazzi’ Moto Blanco Remix Out NowSingle

Maeve De Voe delivers ultra-energy! Her eighth single, ‘Paparazzi’. “I just had so much fun with this single. You can hear me smiling while singing making it.”

Amazing how quick the time goes by (since the first single by Maeve De Voe hit the Top 20 chart May 2022), it was not hard to see and hear that Maeve is a special talent.”

— ProspectRadio1 London, England

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2024 / — Title: International Pop Star Maeve De Voe Takes the Indie Music World by Storm with Latest Dance Hit ‘Paparazzi Moto Blanco Mix’

Princess Pop Star Sensation Maeve De Voe has once again captured the hearts of music lovers with her latest dance hit, ‘Paparazzi, Moto Blanco Mix Version’. The single, released January 9, 2024, has already become a fan favorite and is being played worldwide.

Known for her infectious beats and powerful vocals, Maeve De Voe has become a recognized top tier indie artist with seventy-two weeks of Top 20 hits since May 2022. Her previous hits such as ‘Zhoosh It Up!’ and ‘Car Radio’ with Graham Hart, have garnered thousands of views on The Maeve De Voe YouTube Channel and streams on major sites. With the release of ‘Paparazzi Moto Blanco Mix’, Maeve has once again proven her ability to consistently create chart-topping hits and working with engineers like Ross Colgan out of London, firms up a solid memorable piece of pop art. “I just had so much fun with this single. Lady Gaga grounds me and gives me confidence to wear a tiara and be outlandish, to do an almost impossible song.” Maeve De Voe

The single, ‘Paparazzi’, features a high-energy dance beat produced by the renowned Moto Blanco team out of London. The pulsating rhythm and upbeat vocals have already made it a fan favorite on stations like ProspectRadio1 in London, with listeners from all over the world dancing to the beat. The music video, created by Maeve De Voe, showcases Maeve’s signature style, and has received rave reviews from many on her social sites and YouTube.

Maeve De Voe’s success with ‘Paparazzi Moto Blanco Mix’ is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft. With her unique joyful sound and grand vocal performances, she continues to push the boundaries of pop music with her production of her originals like ‘Zhoosh It Up!’, and recreating covers with the original singers on the tracks with Maeve De Voe, like Lady Gaga and Rick James with her remake of the 1980 hit single ‘Big Time’. Her highly trained vocal range, whistle tones, and scatting, like on her ‘Last Surprise’ release September 9, 2023, inspire a new generation of artists as each release comes to radio stations and platforms around the world. Fans can expect more exciting releases from Maeve this year as she continues to lead the top twenty charts on the worldwide indie music scene.

‘Paparazzi Moto Blanco Mix’ is now available on all major streaming platforms. With its infectious beat and Maeve’s powerful vocals, it is sure to be the ultimate dance anthem of 2024. Download this chart-topping hit and join the millions of fans who are already dancing to the beat of Maeve De Voe’s latest release. Visit the custom website for all links to socials, videos, podcasts, collaboration opportunities, mixing and engineering by Maeve De Voe, and Princess Pop Star Maeve De Voe merchandise.

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