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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2023/ — Real estate’s most widely adopted ESG platform begins supporting debt issuers to produce sustainability due diligence on all CRE loans issued by Voya Investment Management.

Measurabl, the world’s most widely adopted ESG (environmental, social, governance) platform for real estate, has secured a significant partnership to provide sustainability due diligence (DD) on all commercial real estate (CRE) loans issued by Voya Investment Management (Voya IM).

This is a notable milestone for Measurabl’s new due diligence offering, as it demonstrates its ability to support debt issuers as well as equity investors. Measurabl’s new data product line provides organizations with energy use intensity and carbon estimates, green building certification look ups, and regulatory ordinances on any building in worldwide. These features will enable Voya IM to better understand the ESG implications of their current, previous, and future lending activity.

Measurabl’s innovative approach not only enables Voya to enhance its competitiveness on the terms of the loans it issues, but also shortens the development time for Voya’s clients—eliminating delays in the underwriting process.

“We are excited to announce such a significant win for Measurabl, marking another milestone in an extremely promising year for sustainability-focused businesses,” says Matt Ellis, Measurabl Co-Founder and CEO. “Our partnership with Voya Investment Management signifies the start of a new era of sustainability reporting and the founding of a new market. As regulations tighten across the board, organizations are under pressure to disclose the ESG implications of their lending activities. Measurabl is the only software company in the world that offers asset level insights, meaning we have the capabilities to provide accurate sustainability data on current, previous, and future investments.”

Measurabl’s software rapidly and seamlessly generates sustainability due diligence reports. Previously, obtaining energy and emissions data in DD assessments could take up to two weeks per propertyBy collaborating with Measurabl, Voya can now obtain DD reports almost instantaneously

“We look forward to working with Measurabl and incorporating their advanced sustainability due diligence into our operations to the benefit of our clients,” says Gregory Michaud, Head of Real Estate Finance at Voya Investment Management. “Their platform will enhance our underwriting process and bolster our impact investing initiatives”

With Measurabl’s cutting-edge technology, Voya IM can effortlessly incorporate ESG metrics into its underwriting activities by using Climate Due Diligence Scans (CDDS). The collaboration enables Voya to measure property emissions, enhancing the firm’s reputation as an environmentally conscious financial player. Moreover, by retroactively rating all loans issued in the previous decade, Voya can gain valuable insights into the sustainability performance of its past investments, paving the way for improved decisions going forward.

Measurabl is used to measure, manage, and report on over 17 billion square feet of commercial, residential, and corporate real estate, accounting for in excess of $2 trillion in asset value across 93 countries, resulting in unparalleled insights into peer-relative performance, driven off the world’s largest real estate ESG dataset. With Measurabl’s considerable experience and access to data, Voya Investment Management is well-positioned to implement sustainability reporting for its clients.

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Measurabl is the world’s most widely adopted ESG (environmental, social, governance) data platform. Customers use Measurabl to measure, manage, and report ESG data on more than 17 billion square feet of real estate across more than 93 countries. Measurabl helps the industry’s most innovative companies enhance their ESG performance, assess exposure to physical climate risk, and act on decarbonization and sustainable finance opportunities.

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