Meet CEO Joseph Collins. Punch TV Studios leadership team strategic direction for Punch TV Studio focuses on generating the best creative content possible, fostering innovation and utilizing the latest technology, while expanding into new markets around the world.

Joseph Collins knows what it means to succeed in the face adversity and life’s challenges. Perhaps it was this spirit that helped make him a successful innovator in the television industry, as well as a true entrepreneur.
He landed his first break in the television industry when he earned a coveted internship in the Research and Development Department at WVTV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, now a Fox affiliate. Collins diligently participated in all aspects of the television station – from working behind the camera to being a show runner.

Recognizing his intense determination and dedication, his superiors granted Collins the opportunity to host The Morning Business Report show during his summer break. He became the youngest news reporter on television in the nation. Collins shined as he brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the business news.

Mr. Collins quickly became interested in tackling other challenges, so he moved on to music video production. Managing all aspects of production, he not only produced the videos, he also met with top executives, raised corporate funds, managed production staff, incorporated major celebrities, and created distribution outlets for his videos. He produced and directed more than 200 music videos and quickly became known throughout the industry for the excellence of his productions.

His success allowed Collins the opportunity to pilot an original video show. Video Force was a show unlike any other: the concept was to spotlight videos from both independent and major artists, in a way that allowed viewers to become exposed to all kinds of artists and their music. In order to secure the show’s success, Collins became the liaison between the show and the music industry, coordinating with both independent and major music labels (such as Universal, Quality Records, and Ferocious Records) to obtain content.