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CARLSBAD, CA, USA, July 23, 2023/ — MILAGRO FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of low-income individuals in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia through the provision of alternative medicines such as Frequency, Vibration, and Cell Memory Therapy. With a focus on healing and empowering people who often lack access to affordable healthcare services, the foundation aims to create positive change by offering these therapies free of charge with the support of generous donors.

Recognizing the financial constraints and limited availability of alternative medicine services, the foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of those who need it the most. By providing therapies that harness the power of Frequency, Vibration, and Cell Memory, the foundation aims to promote healing, well-being, and a better quality of life for its beneficiaries. The primary beneficiaries of MILAGRO FOUNDATION are low-income individuals in the USA, Mexico, and Colombia who lack access to affordable healthcare services. MILAGRO FOUNDATION envisions a future where alternative medicine therapies are readily accessible to all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background.

By providing healing and hope to those who would otherwise face limited options, the foundation strives to create a world where everyone can live a healthier and more fulfilling life. For more information or donations please go to our website at

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