Mobilicom OS3 Dashboard Example

Mobilicom OS3 Dashboard Example

The solution boosts mission success rates, enhances security, and streamlines compliance for commercial and defense operators of autonomous platforms

Mobilicom (NASDAQ:MOB)

Security, safety, and compliance are interconnected and require a holistic solution like OS3.”

— Oren Elkayam, CEO and Co-Founder

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2024 / — At Xponential 2024, Mobilicom Limited (Nasdaq: MOB, MOBBW), a pioneer in drone and robotics technologies, announced the introduction of its OS3 solution, which provides groundbreaking levels of cybersecurity, assured operations, and streamlined compliance for commercial and defense operators of autonomous platforms, as well as the original equipment manufacturers who serve them.

Operators of uncrewed platforms cannot afford unsuccessful missions or compromised systems. They also must meet stringent compliance requirements from various governing bodies and standards-setting organizations. Manufacturers of drones and robotics share their customers’ goals of increasing mission effectiveness while navigating security challenges, compliance issues, safety concerns, and cost constraints.

“How do you understand and mitigate risks, prevent and thwart cyber attacks, all while providing visibility into the status of a drone and its fleet?” said Oren Elkayam, CEO and Co-founder of Mobilicom. “Security, safety, and compliance are interconnected and require a holistic solution like OS3.”

Based on NVIDIA AI computing, the Mobilicom OS3 Platform comprises integrated components: the OS3 Edge Software, which resides onboard the vehicle, and the OS3 Platform software, a cloud-based backbone that enables fleet optimization. These components provide unparalleled safety, security, and compliance for modern uncrewed vehicle operations.

Key features and benefits include:
– Secure and Signed Software Updates: Protect UxVs from unauthorized modifications and malware with verified software updates.
– Storage Encryption Out of the Box: Safeguard sensitive UxV data from tampering or unauthorized access with built-in encryption.
– Built-in Firewall and Intrusion Detection: Ensure network security by swiftly identifying and countering suspicious activities or breach attempts.
– Proactive Incident Awareness: Stay ahead of threats with real-time monitoring for early detection and mitigation.
– Robust Mission Assurance: Ensure uninterrupted operations with reliable safeguards and redundant systems.
– Streamlined Compliance: Simplify regulatory compliance and stay ahead of evolving standards.

“OS3 continues the innovation we started with our ICE software that safeguards connectivity,” said Elkayam. “By fortifying operating software and fleet management against cybersecurity and operational challenges, we continue to enable operators and manufacturers to reach new levels of resiliency, safety, and integrity.”

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About Mobilicom
Mobilicom is a leading provider of cybersecure robust solutions for the rapidly growing defense and commercial drones and robotics market. Mobilicom’s large portfolio of field-proven technologies includes cybersecurity, software, hardware, and professional services that power, connect, guide, and secure drones and robotics. Through deployments across the globe with over 50 customers, including the world’s largest drone manufacturers, Mobilicom’s end-to-end solutions are used in mission-critical functions.

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