Moxie Institute Launches Ultimate Guide To The Fear of Public Speaking, Empowering Individuals to Conquer Stage Fright

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Logo -Moxie Institute

Moxie Institute, a leading provider of public speaking training and coaching, is announcing the release of an industry-landmark eBook,

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2023/ — The fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia, affects countless individuals across the globe. It actively hinders personal and professional growth, creating countless missed opportunities. Recognizing the profound impact this fear can have, Moxie Institute has meticulously crafted the Ultimate Guide To The Fear of Public Speaking to empower those seeking to conquer their stage fright.

Fueled by their extensive expertise in public speaking and neuroscience, Moxie Institute’s guide offers a comprehensive roadmap for overcoming the fear and anxiety associated with speaking in front of any audience. The eBook delves into the neuroscience behind stage fright, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the physiological and psychological aspects at play. By unraveling the underlying mechanisms of fear, Moxie Institute empowers readers to reframe their mindset and embrace public speaking as an opportunity for growth and self-expression.

The Ultimate Guide To The Fear of Public Speaking goes beyond theory and general public speaking tips and equips readers with practical techniques. It emphasizes the importance of diaphragmatic breathing, a powerful tool to regulate anxiety and effectively channel nervous energy.

“It really is a standalone and free resource. There’s no paywall that you need to unlock to read more. It’s a powerful, no-strings-attached guide.” says Gregg Fasbinder, President of Moxie Institute. “Helping people speak in public is our mission, not just our product. For those who desire more in-depth training and personalized guidance, Moxie Institute offers a range of programs and workshops tailored to individual needs. We will help anyone become a stellar public speaker, whether that takes a free book, a paid course, or one-on-one coaching. Or all three. We’re here.”

Anyone facing the possibility of giving a business presentation, a speech at a conference, or simply expressing oneself in front of others will benefit from this eBook. It promises to be a crucial means to conquer your fear and unleash your true potential.

Those who want to still further their journey of conquering their public speaking fear have other Moxie services to dial in to—these can be as personal as a public speaking coach, which is the most individualized experience. Other options include public speaking anxiety workshops and public live online classes.

Another groundbreaking choice will be available late summer of 2023: MoxieU. Led by veteran fear coaches and trainers, MoxieU is a program that gives subscribers the VIP experience by granting them access to a monthly public live online class along with exclusive and expertly curated content. Last but not least, MoxieU subscribers get to be part of a tight-knit group of like-minded learners. The select MoxieU exercises strongly encourage interaction between members for an unforgettable team-based experience. You’ll be sharpened both by your instructors and your peers.

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Moxie Institute’s relentless passion and dedication to helping business leaders and their teams make an impact with their message and speak with confidence, along with their unique background in the performing arts and neuroscience, make them one of the most premier and sought-after corporate training companies on the planet.

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