This image showcases the entire collection of T-shirts in an artistic manner, featuring the back of each T-shirt with the main artwork silk-screened. As part of the composition, the artist incorporated golden art frames.

arT-Shirt Collection by Leo Macias

“The Root’s Path” art T-Shirt Collection, by Leo Macias. Inspiring creativity and life’s beauty. Limited Edition. Signed and numbered as a piece of art.

I am thrilled to introduce this creative product and offer my followers and admirers a chance to enhance their collections,” says Leo Macias, exuding excitement about this first wearable arT-Shirt.”

— Leo Macias

LOS ANGELES, CA, ESTADOS UNIDOS, August 10, 2023/ — Multidisciplinary Artist Leo Macias Unveils “The Root’s Path” Art T-Shirt Collection

Renowned international artist Leo Macias introduces a groundbreaking creation – “The Root’s Path” art T-Shirt Collection. These limited-edition T-shirts, numbered and signed individually by the artist, transcend the conventional boundaries of fashion, offering a wearable piece of art that inspires creativity and celebrates the beauty of life’s imperfections.

Embrace the Beauty of Imperfection

“The Root’s Path” art T-Shirt Collection is an artistic marvel, masterfully designed, created, and branded by Leo Macias himself. With a vision to inspire people to find moments of creativity and embrace the beauty of life’s imperfections, these T-shirts transcend the ordinary and become an expression of art, authenticity, and uniqueness. Each T-shirt in this very Limited Edition Collection is meticulously signed, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the artist.

A Collection of Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Leo Macias poured his heart into every aspect of this production, from handpicking fabrics, models, and colors, to ensuring the impeccable quality of the silk-screened artworks. The collection showcases three captivating colors – Cypress Garden (green), Rose Garden (Pink), and Bone Garden (White) – with only 150 pieces available per color. Furthermore, even the packaging of these T-shirts is crafted with utmost care, designed to be reusable and sustainable.

An Exclusive Collector’s Item

This exclusive collection is a true gem for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Once this first limited edition is sold out, the designs will never be printed again, ensuring the uniqueness and value of each T-shirt grows with time, making them true collector’s items.

Where to Find “The Root’s Path” T-Shirt Collection

As a true testament to his artistry and dedication to his followers, Leo Macias has made this collection available exclusively through his online store visiting its Instagram accounts: @therootspath and @leomaciasart.

Leo Macias’ Vision

“I am thrilled to introduce this creative product and offer my followers and admirers a chance to enhance their collections,” says Leo Macias, exuding excitement about this revolutionary launch.

About Leo Macias

Leo Macias is a visionary artist born in Colombia and raised in Brazil, now based in Los Angeles, California. Drawing inspiration from his diverse cultural heritage, Leo’s art defies conventions, allowing him to explore unconventional expressions that transcend the boundaries of imagination. Guided by the artistic legacy of his grandparents, he celebrates the allure of imperfection, creating contemporary masterpieces that weave the delicate dance between “appropriations and imperfections.”

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