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LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 11, 2024 / — Renowned speaker and wellness advocate Myesha Chaney invites individuals seeking a transformative experience to join her at the exquisite Healing + Happiness Retreat in the idyllic landscapes of Ubud, Bali. Set against the backdrop of palm-fringed vistas and serene rice fields, this retreat promises a holistic journey of self-discovery, rejuvenation, and inner healing.

Participants at Myesha’s Healing + Happiness Retreat will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a carefully curated itinerary designed to nourish the body, mind, and spirit. Daily yoga sessions led by experienced instructors, healing workshops facilitated by Myesha Chaney herself, and guided mindful meditation practices will form the core of this transformative experience.

“Bali is a place of unparalleled beauty and spiritual energy, making it the perfect setting for a healing and wellness retreat,” said Myesha Chaney. “I am thrilled to offer women the chance to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with themselves in this magical environment.”

In addition to the enriching wellness activities, participants will have the chance to savor Balinese culinary delights, connect with like-minded individuals, and tap into the profound spiritual heritage of Ubud. The retreat aims to provide a safe and supportive space for guests to explore their innermost selves, release emotional burdens, and cultivate a sense of peace and balance.

“My goal for this retreat is to create a transformative experience that empowers women to embrace their true selves and live authentically,” shared Myesha Chaney. “I believe that by immersing ourselves in the healing energy of Bali and engaging in mindfulness practices, we can pave the way for profound personal growth and lasting happiness.”

The Healing + Happiness Retreat promises to be an exceptional opportunity for participants to recalibrate their lives, gain clarity and perspective, and return home feeling revitalized, inspired, and ready to embrace new possibilities.

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