Join MyLand Earth Metaverse Hunt2Earn Game to Hunt for Treasure and Win Prizes!

Join MyLand Earth Metaverse Hunt2Earn Game to Hunt for Treasure and Win Prizes!

Join MyLand Earth Metaverse Hunt2Earn Game to Hunt for Treasure and Win Prizes!

MyLand Earth Metaverse Launched the First in the Market 3D Earth Metaverse on Web3 Blockchain, allowing individual users and enterprises to setup their Metaverse presence quickly

Released in Q1 2023 as the first-in-the-market 3D Earth Metaverse in web3 blockchain, MyLand Earth Metaverse will host its 2023 week-long treasure hunt contest

Hunt to earn and learn! Bring your best game this summer to MyLand!”

— Kevin McInerney

DUBLIN, CA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2023/ — MyLand Earth Metaverse 2023 Hunt-2-Earn for Treasure Game will start its first metaverse contest next Monday, on Auguest 14, 2023. MyLand Platform is the world’s first 3D Earth Metaverse in web3 blockchain.

This summer game contest will start at 00:01 AM Pacific Time on Monday August 14, 2023 and run for 7 days, ending on 23:59 PM Pacific Time, Sunday August 20, 2023. The contest will be free to play and will take place on, the MyLand Earth Metaverse Platform. There will be a Daily Leaderboard with the Top 3 Prizes, and the Grand Contest Leaderboard Top 10 Awards after the 7-day gameplay.

“Hunt-to-earn and learn ! Bring your best game this summer to MyLand !” exclaimed by Kevin McInerney, MyLand’s Project Leader of MyLand.Earth Metaverse. “

While your avatar is walking through this young digital Earth, whether you’re a hunter in the game, an aspiring digital artist with a vision, or an investor or a business owner checking out your own business location on MyLand Digital Earth – You will see the tremendous opportunity here on MyLand Earth, an exponential return is awaiting every participant who has a vision to fulfill.”

MyLand.Earth Hunt2Earn Game is developed on MyLand Platform SDK which will be released at the end of this year or Q1. The gameflow is the Play-to-Earn model and allows players to participate in MyLand Platform growth with equity building and revenue sharing opportunities.

MyLand Hunt-2-Earn Contest token conversion will be recorded on ledgers in blockchain for transparency and fair-play. The decentralized storage of the MyLand Platform built on blockchain technologies gives more power to players, more than traditional online centralized managed games.

MyLand.Earth Platform will be the hub of business, entertainment and cultural activities, attractiing mass number of gaming online users. Generation Z and Millennial online gamers, NFT creators and traders, Metaverse enthusiast and investors will gather on the MyLand Platform.

Myland.Earth Metaverse presents NFT and Metaverse investors with a unique opportunity to participate in a pre-IEO token offer (Initial Exchange Offer) to assure members’ equity growth, starting on June 28, 2023 the anniversary day of MyLand.Earth Metaverse Platform Launch. The Metaverse land ownership of the MyLand.Earth allows land NFT investors to participate in the fast-growing global Metaverse market at all levels.

Listed on its social media platform, the MyLand.Earth Whitepapers and Tokenomics documents for the IEO token offer are dedicated to allocating a strong capital infusion for the launch of global marketing campaigns and assuring adequate growth of the engineering and professional teams for efficient future roadmap deliverables. Thus the project team can accelerate the roadmap deliverables and not wait till 2025 as in the original plan.

“ With the emergence of Chat GPT, our goal is to create a unique user experience that levels the playing field for users of all ages. Next Gen play in MyLand is sure to be a hit with users, content creators and game developers who can leverage our upcoming SDK to develop and release more advanced games and applications.” McInerney continued, “Now let the game begin !”

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