MyLegal has put Gen AI into practice in a tangible way helping law departments transform their operations. LiSA is enabling the transition to the legal department of tomorrow.”

— Jim Tate, CEO of MyLegal

EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2024 / — Legal Automation Group, LLC, a legal technology software developer has augmented its best-in-class MyLegal Legal Front Door® and Automation platform with a new Gen AI Legal Services Assistant (LiSA) to enable self-service and advanced intake capabilities for law departments.

“Legal departments are inundated with large volumes of repetitive, low-value requests, which is preventing department staff from focusing on more important activities. Currently, legal departments increase staff to accommodate ever-increasing demand.

“Forward-thinking departments recognize that leveraging a Legal Front Door with legal service assistant capabilities, self-service will increase, and demand on the legal team and costs will flatten. Staff resources will be freed up to focus on higher value activities,” said Jim Tate, CEO of MyLegal™.

Intake is one of the main areas where legal department process improvement can occur. To address this, MyLegal developed more than thirty applications for various types of legal department intake processes.

“Because MyLegal enables a legal department to ingest many types of legal requests, we realized a more simplified solution for self-service was needed. The invention of Gen AI and Chat GPT enabled the implementation of new approaches in a simpler and more cost-effective manner,” explained Tate.

Many companies have begun to provide a Gen AI chat bot for self-service, but these chat sessions are typically only replacing a general department email box. The inquiry generating a ticket does not contain enough information for proper and effective triaging of the issue. All this accomplishes is giving the user a different experience for the request intake, but it does nothing to streamline the complete work process.

With LiSA, a formal process can be initiated, designed and based on best practices. The process enables activities to be routed to the proper person or team, and from there, the process is managed in an efficient and automated manner. End-to-end auditing ensures successful outcomes and provides necessary data for continuous process improvement.

Leveraging Chat GPT and Gen AI, MyLegal built a framework for legal assistance. Leveraging chat bot interactivity, fueled by Large Language Models, it quickly accesses and retrieves information needed for self-service. Depending on the use case, LiSA can escalate the request for instant advice through live help. LiSA can intake a request using a chat session, and LiSA can intake a request using an intake form.

“MyLegal has put Gen AI into practice in a tangible way, helping law departments transform their operations. LiSA is enabling the transition to the legal department of tomorrow,” added Tate.

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