Using cutting-edge technology and international experience, Myne Global raises the bar for asset protection.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2024 / — Myne Global, a reputable name in asset security, is proud to introduce advanced solutions designed to safeguard digital and physical assets using cutting-edge technology and an extensive global network.

Myne Global offers a secure platform where customers can register their valuable items, creating an unalterable proof of ownership. This digital certification is vital for establishing ownership, aiding legal processes, and increasing recovery chances. Once registered, items receive digital certificates that act as definitive proof of ownership, essential in recovery efforts and legal contexts, thus enhancing the recovery rate of stolen goods.

The platform simplifies reporting stolen items, ensuring swift information dissemination to relevant authorities and a wide-reaching global network, significantly improving recovery outcomes. Myne Global also facilitates interactions with insurance companies by providing necessary documentation and ownership verification, expediting claims, and ensuring fair compensation for clients.

In addition to recovery, Myne Global focuses on proactive risk management, offering clients risk assessments and tailored advice based on current crime trends and geographical risks.

Jean-Marie Brucker of Myne Global explains, “Our mission is to secure a wide range of valuables, including watches and jewelry. Our technology ensures our clients feel confident about the protection of their assets, from antique watches to artwork.”

Myne Global’s platform is adept at protecting diverse assets, such as jewelry, watches, collectibles, art, high-end apparel and shoes, vintage goods, firearms, pets, vehicles, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, technology, trading cards, and leather goods.

Myne Global employs top-tier security measures to protect client information and property. High-level encryption and distributed network architecture safeguard data, rendering unauthorized access virtually impossible. Continuous security audits are performed to defend against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Myne Global is dedicated to providing fair and unbiased service, ensuring equal protection for all clients without preferential treatment. They maintain strict data privacy standards, never selling client information to third parties.

About Myne Global
Myne Global is a leader in asset security, delivering modern and secure solutions tailored for both individuals and corporations. Their comprehensive approach sets a new standard in asset protection, integrating innovative technology with a global outlook to secure a vast range of valuable assets.
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