Scrubber 60 cleaning in a hospital

Scrubber 60 cleaning in a hospital

ColliBot - Medical Facility Robot

ColliBot – Medical Facility Delivery Robot

Robot Vacuum operating at a Senior Housing Facility

Robot Vacuum operating at a Senior Housing Facility

Bellabot Delivery Robot - Traditions at Beavercreek

Bellabot making rounds delivering meals in the dining hall

Navia Robotics Logo

Navia Robotics Logo

Navia Robotics is stepping up to assist hospitals and medical care facilities in California facing increased labor costs due to SB 525 legislation.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 / — Navia Robotics, a leading provider of advanced robotic solutions, is stepping up to assist hospitals and medical care facilities in California facing increased labor costs due to the recently enacted SB 525 legislation. SB 525 mandates higher minimum wages for healthcare workers, significantly impacting hospital operating budgets. In response, many healthcare facilities are turning to automation and robotics to manage these rising costs without compromising the quality of patient care.

SB 525, signed into law last October, requires substantial wage increases for healthcare workers across California. While this legislation aims to ensure fair compensation for healthcare professionals, it also presents financial challenges for hospitals and medical facilities already operating within tight budget constraints. To address these challenges, healthcare providers are increasingly seeking innovative solutions that can enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Navia Robotics specializes in the development and deployment of service robots that are designed to perform a variety of tasks within healthcare settings. These tasks include transporting medical supplies, delivering meals to patients with Collibot, assisting with sanitation, and providing administrative support. By integrating these robots into their operations, hospitals can streamline workflows, reduce the burden on staff, and manage labor costs more effectively.

Key Benefits of Navia Robotics Solutions:

Operational Efficiency: Navia’s robots are equipped with advanced navigation and AI technologies, allowing them to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks efficiently. This enables healthcare staff to focus on direct patient care and other critical responsibilities.

Cost Reduction: By automating routine tasks, hospitals can significantly reduce labor costs associated with non-clinical activities. This helps to offset the financial impact of increased wages mandated by SB 525. Cleaning robots drastically cut down on facility maintenance costs, with payback periods routinely under a year.

Enhanced Patient Care: Automation frees up healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients, improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Robots can also assist in delivering timely services, ensuring that patient needs are met promptly.

Safety and Reliability: Navia’s healthcare robots are designed to operate safely in dynamic healthcare environments. They are equipped with sensors and AI to navigate around people and obstacles, ensuring reliable performance and adherence to safety standards.

Executive Quotes:

“SB 525 represents a significant shift in the healthcare labor landscape, and hospitals are understandably concerned about managing the financial implications. Navia Robotics is committed to providing solutions that help healthcare facilities navigate these changes by enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs through automation,” said Peter Kim, CTO of Navia Robotics.

“Our robots are designed to support healthcare professionals by taking on essential but routine tasks. This not only helps hospitals manage labor costs but also ensures that staff can dedicate more time to patient care, ultimately benefiting patient outcomes,” added Mark Lee, Lead Product Developer of Navia Robotics.

About Navia Robotics

Navia Robotics is a robotics development company that possesses vast expertise in both automation hardware and software. With a deep understanding of the inefficiencies prevalent in the hospitality and medical industries, both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Navia Robotics collaborated closely with numerous facilities operating under diverse business models and located in different geographical areas and serving a variety of industries. This allowed them to meticulously refine their service to support the market’s needs.

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