The image shown is five attic mount solar assemblies. Each assembly is attached to the roof opening and covered with a skylight.

3kW of Installed Solar Using Five Attic Mount Assemblies

The photo is the SFS 3D solar assembly. There are 4 sides and a bottom. The custom solar panels are attached to the custom solar frame.

SFS Solar Assembly

The photo shows an overhead view looking staight down on the SFS Solar Assembly.

Overhead View

They say there’s nothing new in solar…. well, there is today.

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WISHON, CA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2024 / — Solar Frame Solution’s new 3D Solar Assembly increases power generation by 81% per m² when compared to traditional solar panels. The power generation testing was verified by PVsyst. The new space saving assembly device has been proven to reduce the physical footprint on a rooftop by almost half, producing nearly twice the power in the same area that a typical residential PV solar panel can. The new SFS Assembly has a nameplate rating of 590W and was modeled against a 410W 60 cell solar panel for comparison.

In addition to increased production in a given space the Solar Frame Solution (SFS) Solar Assembly takes unsightly racking, cabling, and even solar panels off of the roof and moves them into the attic improving the visual appeal of a home with solar. SFS’ simple installation consists of mounting the assembly to a skylight opening and then covering the assembly with a traditional skylight. This method of installation reduces the amount of time installers spend on the roof. The 1st generation SFS 3D Solar Assembly is designed primarily for new construction homes and homes undergoing a major renovation as it is easier to block out the opening for the assembly during the roof framing process.

Through countless hours of design, engineering, prototypes, testing, and certifications we are proud to be entering the market with a device and assembly that is uniquely different and better than any other solar panel system currently offered in the residential solar market. The Assembly itself is mounted to wood blocking in the attic. The roof opening is hermetically sealed using a skylight. The solar modules are protected from dust, dirt, hail, snow loading and wind loading.

The SFS’ 3D Solar Assembly has received UL 61730 and UL 61215 Certifications, is CEC listed in CA under Solar Frame Solutions and has several patents protecting its IP. SFS is currently seeking to license or sell this patented technology. Interested parties should contact

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