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Akasia compares TCO for all infrastructure scenarios

Akasia FinOps now supports VMware’s new pricing structure, Nutanix, VMware on GCP & Oracle Cloud, rounding out prior support for VMware on AWS, Azure &IBM Cloud

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2024 / — Since Broadcom’s announcement of the new VMware subscription pricing, CIOs, CTOs and CFOs are contacting their partners and trusted IT experts in order to determine what their options are in regards to reducing costs in their vital VMware based data centers.

The Akasia FinOps Modeler provides cost models that compare an existing VMware environment, its VCF and VVF pricing as well as its in-Cloud pricing for AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud. These cost models allow service providers, consulting experts, and IT managers in the VMware and cloud ecosystem to quickly analyze data center environments and provide projected costs, allowing executive management teams to make an informed decision regarding their data center transformation.

The Akasia FinOps Modeler analyzes and optimizes for the following infrastructure scenarios:
• Providing analysis for comparing current costs to the new, revamped VMware pricing structure
• Right-sizing existing VMware workloads to keep costs low under the new VMware pricing structure
• TCO analysis and modeling if the client migrates to VMware-on-Cloud such as VMware on AWS, Azure VMware Solution, IBM Cloud for VMware, Google Cloud VMware Engine and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.
• TCO analysis if the client wants to migrate away from VMware to a cloud-native platform
• TCO analysis and modeling for migrating workloads to Nutanix or Microsoft Azure Stack

“The introduction of subscription pricing for VMware is causing enterprises to examine new ways to optimize costs of their crucial VMware deployments,” said Garima Thockchom, Founder of Akasia. “In a matter of minutes our Akasia FinOps Modeler gives unbiased TCO simulations for on-premise VCF, VVF as well as VMware in AWS, Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, IBM Cloud for VMware and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Armed with these insights, a VMware customer can determine the best course of action to reduce costs. “

“Akasia FinOps software allows our clients and partners to determine not only the best target cloud or on-premises hypervisor, but also the optimal placement of workloads on the most appropriate hosts.” said James Brouhard, Director of Consulting and Modernization at FNTS. “Modeling costs across the entire spectrum of possibilities and also optimizing and right-sizing those workloads on the target environments powers Akasia’s proven ability to reduce overall datacenter TCO.”

Pricing and Availability
Akasia FinOps is generally available starting today at Pricing starts at $60 per source VM modeled through Akasia software for an unlimited number of times for one year, or $5 per source VM modeled through the Akasia software for the duration of one month

About Akasia, Inc.
Akasia was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs who have deep experience in the enterprise and cloud space with experience from VMware, Sun Microsystems, CommVault and Unisys. Akasia’s unique ability to discover infrastructure and utilization and model costsfor as-is and right-sized infrastructure resources in minutes, no matter what the intended target. Akasia highlights hidden costs as well as savings on-premises or in the cloud—allowing enterprises to make migration decisions based on factual cost data.

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