The immersive summit offering exclusive access to cutting-edge longevity research kicks off again Aug. 3-4 in Los Angeles and Aug. 17-18 in Santa Clara

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, June 3, 2024 / — Be one of the first to experience the Livelong Summit after its completely sold-out Spring event. On Aug. 3-4 the summit heads to Los Angeles for two immersive days of non-stop panel discussions from experts in lifespan science, intimate roundtables, workshops and rejuvenating wellness activities, then on to Santa Clara Aug. 17-18. Livelong Summit was created to share the latest science about aging, longevity and lifespan. Its first-ever event in West Palm Beach, Florida, drew an incredible in-person audience, plus many more who tuned in to the livestream.

“This is just the beginning of an extraordinary journey,” said Livelong Summit founder Brad Inman. “Our kick-off event showed how much people want to learn about their health and well-being. And there is so much to learn. We’re excited for our first California conventions with both returning and new experts who interact with and inspire attendees to improve their lives to look good, feel great and live longer.”

With tickets from $99 to Diamond VIP packages, Summit attendees have the opportunity to spend two days with 50 experts covering extraordinary topics that inform how to live longer in the best possible ways. World renowned speakers such as Bryan Johnson, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Robert Lufkin and Dr. Mark Hyman will discuss their expert insights into longevity. Going one step further, Inman and his Livelong Summit team challenge each expert to demystify their own cutting-edge concepts so guests can truly take advantage of their secrets. Each speaker brings new information – giving attendees insider info before it even hits the news. Besides panels, the summit offers intimate group gatherings for guests to ask the experts their burning or more personalized questions.

Some of the Many topics address questions such as:
● Can we slow and reverse aging? Learn about the real-world implications and emerging strategies that can slow and possibly even reverse the aging process. Make sure you’re up to date on potential anti-aging interventions like: NAD+ boosters, sirtuin activators, and other compounds implicated in aging, such as mTOR and AMPK.

● How can we feel healthy and young forever? Doing so at any age is now within reach: Discover lifestyle factors that help maintain youthfulness and vitality, including diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, and yes, even social connections! You’ll also learn the advantages of whole-food, plant-based diets rich in nutrients and antioxidants, along with specific recommendations.

● Can Dementia and Alzheimer’s be stopped before it starts? Livelong Summit’s experts have been involved with clinical trials investigating new therapies, medications, and lifestyle interventions. You’ll learn the latest developments in early detection, genetics & personalized treatment approaches, the role of inflammation, and more.

● New tests, drugs and treatments – a better approach to healthcare: Longevity research is a rapidly expanding field and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so it’s important to us to provide sessions focused on reviewing the tests and treatments that are available right now. Are you using biological age testing like Tally or Inside Tracker? Our expert panel will inform you of their benefits. Get the latest on treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber, intermittent fasting, infrared sauna, or magnetic resonant therapy.

● Fertility breakthroughs! A hot topic in longevity circles, the ultimate goal is to improve fertility preservation options, enhance reproductive health, and address age-related infertility. This is your chance to get the latest info on Stem Cells, Fertility Preservation, Reproductive Aging, and Regenerative Medicine & Reproduction.

To learn more about Livelong Summit, the takeaways from its speakers and to inquire about future events, visit and follow @livelongsummit on Instagram, X and Facebook.

Tickets to the Livelong Summit begin at $99 ($199 at the door) for a general two-day pass when purchased early online. Gold, Platinum VIP and Diamond VIP admission packages are also available.

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