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The COLETTI ‘Aspen’ Camping Pour Over

Camping coffee gear manufacturer COLETTI released their newest coffee maker today, the ‘Aspen’ is a pour over that’s hallmarked for durability and portability.

We knew campers would want a double-walled [pour over] that was still relatively compact.”

— Joshua Gilliam

VOLCANO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2023 / — Camping coffee gear manufacturer COLETTI released their newest camping coffee maker today, the ‘Aspen’ is a stainless steel single cup pour over that’s hallmarked for its durability and portability. COLETTI claims it’s the “ultimate camping pour over,” as it was designed with campers in mind. The pour over fits mugs up to 3.5” wide and features a black powder coating. Customers can purchase the Aspen on Amazon and COLETTI’s website.

The Aspen was developed over the last year to provide campers with a sturdy solution to pour over coffee.

Instead of ceramic or silicon, COLETTI opted for a pure stainless steel body to provide a sleek & stylish profile. The pour over comes with a stabilization disc to keep it secure on mugs, as well as a pack of cupcake-shaped filters so brewers can immediately start using their coffee maker right away.

COLETTI Coffee President Joshua Gilliam, Ret. US-Army Chaplain, stated how the desire to design the Aspen came from a lack of durable pour over options for campers. “Most of the products we found were made of either flimsy thin metal or plastic. We knew campers would want a double-walled option that was still relatively compact. The ‘Aspen’ is simply the ultimate camping pour over, easy to use, [and] easy to clean…”

The camping pour over dissipates surface heat through double walled insulation and a specialty powder coating. Brushed steel interior helps keep the inside clean. The device is dishwasher safe and non-toxic. A stabilization disc gasket assists the Aspen in staying secure on mugs during the brewing process. The entire coffee maker stands just 2.64 inches tall with a diameter of 3.54 inches.

The COLETTI Aspen Camping Pour Over Dripper is available today on Amazon and on COLETTI’s website.

COLETTI has highlighted that the company mission goes beyond coffee and camping. Along with the product development and marketing, the company consistently provides financial support to “religious freedom efforts in places where there is little to religious freedom.” The company provides US-Based customer service during weekdays and can be contacted through email. Both wholesale and affiliate marketing opportunities are available at COLETTI, interested parties should contact for further information.

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