New Benchmark Testing Shows Enhanced Threat Detection, Rapid Response Times, and Improved Operational Efficiency

At NEXCOM, we are proud to assist cybersecurity professionals and IT leaders in making informed decisions to strengthen their defenses against cyber threats”

— Peter Yang, President

FREMONT, CA, USA, May 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — NEXCOM, a leading global supplier of network appliances, announced today benchmarking results that highlight the capabilities of AI-powered solutions in safeguarding against emerging cybersecurity threats, powered by the company’s NSA 7160R servers. While evaluating the effectiveness of two AI models – MalConv and Bert-base-cased – supported by various hardware configurations within the same system to address cybersecurity challenges, the results show the significance of latency and throughput for AI cybersecurity.

“As advanced cyber threats continue to increase, NEXCOM is embracing AI-driven solutions for cybersecurity applications,” said Peter Yang, President of NEXCOM. “When tested against diverse threat scenarios, the new NSA 7160R continuously delivers strong defense against advanced cyber threats. The NSA 7160R prioritizes flexibility, offering customizable configurations to meet diverse IT security needs.”

As a result of the benchmark testing, data show that NEXCOM’s NSA 7160R can detect polymorphic and previously unseen malware variants with unparalleled accuracy, delivering a strong defense against advanced cyber threats. In addition, the test showed the NSA 7160R analyzed text data and swiftly identified security threats, enhancing overall operational efficiency in cybersecurity operations. The NSA 7160R delivers real-time threat detection capabilities and optimized response strategies, enabling seamless upgrades to AI-driven cybersecurity measures.

“At NEXCOM, we are proud to assist cybersecurity professionals and IT leaders in making informed decisions to strengthen their defenses against cyber threats,” said Peter Yang, President of NEXCOM. “By evaluating the effectiveness of AI-powered solutions designed to safeguard against emerging cybersecurity threats, we are providing the up-to-date information our customers need to secure their networks and respond to emerging threats.”

IT professionals around the world require intelligent and adaptive security solutions that can keep pace with the evolving threat landscape. The integration of AI into modern security operations empowers organizations to automate routine tasks and achieve operational efficiencies. In addition, a global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals underscores the urgent need for innovative solutions capable of safeguarding sensitive data and critical infrastructure. NEXCOM’s NSA 7160R-based cyber security solution addresses the multifaceted challenges in implementing AI hardware in cybersecurity operations.

The NSA 7160R is a 2U rackmount high-performance networking appliance intended for networking security and 5G network applications, designed for scalability. Based on the 4th/5th Gen Intel® Xeon® product family (formerly: Eagle Stream), the NSA 7160R features enhancements in multi-core computing performance, high memory capacity, high-speed I/O interface, and Intel® QAT hardware acceleration. It supports NEXCOM’s proprietary LAN modules for both enterprise and telecommunication applications.

Download the full white paper – AI Shield to Protect Network from Cyber Threats: Processor Benchmarking Across Generations.

NSA 7160R Main Features
● Dual 4th/5th Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processor
● 16 x DDR5 4800/5600 ECC RDIMM
● 2 x 2.5” swappable SSD/HDD
● 2 x Management ports
● 1300W 1+1 CRPS redundant power supply
● 8 x PCIe5 LAN module slots
● 1 x PCIe4 x16 slot with CXL1.1 for FHFL card
● 1 x IPMI 2.0 RunBMC module

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