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Attorneys representing the embattled councilwoman say city leaders should shift their focus to the citizens of Victorville.

(Ms. Gomez) fervently advocates for her constituents and raises awareness of issues happening in Victorville that she believes have not received the attention they deserve.”

— Vonya Quarles Esq., Executive Director of Starting Over, Inc.

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2024 / — Ahead of a hearing scheduled for May 2, attorneys for a non-profit organization representing Victorville City Councilwoman Blanca Gomez – who is facing two misdemeanor charges related to her conduct during a city meeting last year – say the official is being targeted while pressing city issues remain ignored.

On Feb. 21, 2023, sheriff’s deputies removed Gomez from council chambers at Victorville City Hall after she began speaking at the podium as an audience member during the public comment portion of the meeting. Gomez was later arrested on suspicion of California Penal Code 403 disturbing a public meeting and PC 602.1(B) interfering with a lawful business.

Gomez’s arrest in 2023 followed several arrests for multiple charges, including resisting arrest and trespassing at Hesperia City Hall in 2018, and several misdemeanors from two separate incidents in 2021.

Vonya Quarles Esq., an attorney and executive director of Starting Over, Inc., a nonprofit that helps individuals who have been in the criminal justice system, disagreed with the charges against Gomez and said the councilwoman has only exhibited a pattern of boldly challenging the status quo.
(Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino Case Number: MVI23001156)

“The fact is, Ms. Gomez has been elected twice by her constituents who want her to represent them. She fervently advocates for her constituents and raises awareness of issues happening in Victorville that she believes have not received the attention they deserve. I believe she has always been an outspoken woman who pushes the boundaries, and has simply disagreed with leadership in Victorville, which she is within her rights to do,” said Quarles.

“The council may have been concerned about maintaining decorum during the meeting but to pursue charges against her doesn’t make sense. When only 8 percent of property crimes are ever charged, it begs the question, why Blanca Gomez, and why is this case even moving through the courts? This is a waste of the city’s time and resources which would be better suited for addressing the concerns of the citizens of Victorville,” she added.

To aid Gomez’s pending defense, Starting Over, Inc. tapped Najar Investigations, one of the leading private investigation firms in Southern California, to help compile discovery and pertinent information on the case.

“Starting Over is a strong advocate for local communities, including vulnerable populations. We are grateful the non-profit organization wants to utilize our service, and understands the value our experienced team of professionals can provide in Ms. Gomez’s case,” said Mohammed Najar, CEO of Najar Investigations.

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