Nota Grant offers AI tools at 80% discount to local journalism, empowering smaller newsrooms to produce high-quality journalism.

Nota AI tools discounted by 80% for small newsrooms.

Nota Grant provides AI tools at 80% discount to smaller newsrooms

Journalism thrives on the plurality of voices, and through this grant, we aim to amplify those from smaller communities, ensuring their narratives are heard loud and clear.”

— Josh Brandau, CEO of Nota

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2024 / — Nota, a leader in assistive AI technology, in collaboration with the Institute for Nonprofit News and Microsoft’s Democracy Forward Initiative, today unveiled the Nota Grant, a pioneering program offering state-of-the-art AI tools at an 80 percent discount to newsrooms with gross annual revenues under $250,000.

The grant comes just in time for a consequential election season and is available immediately to qualifying news organizations. Nota’s assistive AI tools are tailored for news organizations to automate content formatting and enhance multimedia production, empowering them to produce high-quality journalism with greater efficiency and creative freedom.

The Nota Grant initiative seeks to dismantle barriers faced by smaller newsrooms, including shrinking budgets and the challenge of remaining efficient and relevant as the way people consume news continues to evolve. With an intense focus on inclusivity, the program also embodies a vision where the potency of journalism is measured by its diversity and outreach.

“Journalism thrives on the plurality of voices, and through this grant, we aim to amplify those from smaller communities, ensuring their narratives are heard loud and clear,” said Josh Brandau, CEO of Nota.

The initiative underscores the participating organizations’ philosophy that technology should support rather than replace human reporting in journalism, fostering a media landscape that is rich, varied and deeply interconnected with its audience.

“Our partnership with Nota, and this grant, ensure that our nonprofit, public-service newsroom members have access to the latest, and most powerful AI technology,” said Andrew Haeg, who leads product development for the Institute for Nonprofit News. “Nota’s tools have the potential to transform our members’ work — saving time and money, and helping them reach the broadest possible audiences, which serves our mission of ensuring everyone has access to trusted news.”

The grant program marks a significant stride towards democratizing and fostering the ethical use of AI in journalism by making cutting-edge innovations accessible to all corners of the media landscape. The collective aim is to empower journalists to focus on their paramount task: uncovering and narrating the stories that matter to the communities they serve.

Microsoft’s Democracy Forward Initiative works to preserve, protect, and advance the fundamentals of democracy by promoting a healthy information ecosystem, safeguarding open and secure democratic processes, and advocating for corporate civic responsibility. This initiative fits into Microsoft’s efforts to support local news.

Nota’s AI solutions, designed with transparency and adaptability at their core, feature editable suggestions and integrations with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). In addition to the deep discount for small newsrooms, Nota will also make available special introductory pricing for all INN members.

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Nota is at the vanguard of merging creativity with technology, providing AI tools that amplify the impact of human-authored narratives. Committed to innovation, integrity and inclusivity, Nota empowers storytellers worldwide to transcend traditional barriers and connect with audiences on a profound level.

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