OBLU SELECT Sangeli Leads Coral Conservation Efforts to Revive Marine Ecosystem


Coral reefs, the enchanting underwater colonies are facing a dire threat due to global warming, ocean acidification, and pollution.

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Coral reefs, the enchanting underwater colonies that are vital to marine life, are facing a dire threat due to global warming, ocean acidification, and pollution. The devastating coral bleaching event in 2016 left the reefs surrounding Sangeli Island barren and devoid of life. Taking action against these challenges, OBLU SELECT Sangeli launched a comprehensive reef conservation program in January 2019.

The first crucial step in this conservation endeavor was the establishment of a coral nursery, aimed at restoring the lost coral cover. Strategically located in the main lagoon, the nursery employs the coral frame method. Over 150 metal frames, containing more than 7,000 fragments, were meticulously placed at two distinct locations around the island. In the past four years, the coral nursery has flourished, with ongoing nurturing and regular monitoring to remove marine debris and replant broken corals.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of the in-house Marine Biologists, Giorgia and Shah, the lagoon bed now boasts a thriving coral cover, attracting a diverse array of fish and marine animals. Snorkelers can now witness the vibrant ecosystem teeming with parrotfish, snappers, eagle rays, sharks, and various other fish species and invertebrates.

To enhance awareness and engagement, OBLU SELECT Sangeli offers various initiatives to guests:
GHOST NET BRACELETS: Addressing the pervasive issue of ghost nets, abandoned or lost fishing nets that pose significant threats to marine life, OBLU SELECT Sangeli has taken proactive measures. Numerous nets recovered from the ocean have been repurposed into 100% recycled plastic bracelets. In-house guests have the opportunity to purchase these unique ghost net bracelets, with the proceeds directly funding the coral restoration project.

CROCHETED SOFT TOYS: Supporting the Sangeli Muraka Project, guests can adopt one of the handmade crocheted sea turtles and manta rays soft toys. These sustainably crafted toys can serve as memorable souvenirs or gifts, with proceeds contributing to the preservation of the reefs. Each adopted toy comes with a certificate of adoption.

PROTECTING HAWKSBILL TURTLES: OBLU SELECT Sangeli collaborates with the Olive Ridley Project and Marine Savers, providing data on sea turtles through photo identification. Since 2021, the team has been monitoring two key locations, Sangeli House Reef and Makunudhoo Reef further south in the atoll. Over the past two years, they have identified a total of 42 sea turtles, out of which 15 were newly identified individuals in the database. In-house guests are encouraged to contribute their own photos, with the opportunity to name a newly identified turtle and receive a certificate of contribution.

SEA TURTLE NESTING AND HATCHING: OBLU SELECT Sangeli has a Standard Operating Procedure to protect and enhance the survival chances of sea turtle hatchlings. This meticulous procedure ensures the identification, monitoring, handling, and safe release of turtle nests and hatchlings, promoting their successful transition.

Energy conservation is another key focus at OBLU SELECT Sangeli. The resort has invested in solar power to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and has a tropic-proof rooftop solar system with a capacity of 666.42 kWp. The resort’s energy savings in 2022 are as follows:

Solar Power Production Resort in Kwh: 1,043,400

Diesel Saved in Liters (due to solar energy): 282,000

CO2 Emission Reduction in Metric Tonnes: 756

Solar Power % in terms of Total Energy: 19%

Energy-efficient technologies and practices have also been integrated into the resort’s infrastructure to minimize energy consumption without compromising guest comfort.

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