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Occuspace hardware and software ecosystem

Occuspace uses standard 110v plug and play technology. Data accessible anywhere.

Occuspace, a leading provider of innovative occupancy data technology, today announces its strategic expansion into the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) sector.

It enables the collection of high-quality, actionable data cost-effectively, with a level of flexibility and scalability that was previously unattainable.”

— Sandra Panara

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Occuspace, a leading provider of innovative data collection technology, today announces its strategic expansion into the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) sector. Building on its proven success since its inception in 2017 in the higher education sector, Occuspace is now poised to revolutionize the way tenant/occupiers understand and optimize their office space utilization and allocation.

Occuspace’s unique sensor technology equips businesses with a powerful, cost-effective, flexible, and scalable solution for gathering and accessing utilization data. These sensors are easy to install, using standard wall outlets or existing Power over Ethernet (PoE) cabling when outlets are scarce, eliminating the need for expensive wiring, battery maintenance, or ceiling poles.

This plug-and-play approach supports quick deployment to enable using actionable data outputs within days, significantly reducing the lead time typically associated with other technology solutions on the market.

Key Applications of Occuspace Technology:

• Space Utilization Studies:
Analyze behaviors to inform efficient space use, ideal for both short and long-term studies requiring sensor relocation.

• Adjacency Planning:
Optimize spatial adjacencies to reduce transition times, boosting workplace effectiveness and productivity.

• Workspace Experience & Engagement:
Empower employees with choices to select preferred levels of stimulation to improve productivity and well-being.

• Workflow Automation:
Streamline energy management and operations, reducing costs and avoiding waste.

• Sustainability Impact Reporting:
Drive sustainability efforts, minimizing waste in food services, energy, and HVAC systems.

• Health & Safety Monitoring:
Implement essential health and safety protocols to enhance readiness and ensure workplace compliance.

“Our technology offers unparalleled flexibility,” states Sandra Panara, Director of Growth & Innovation at Occuspace, a data-driven disruptor in Workplace Technology, Analytics & Strategy. “It enables the collection of high-quality, actionable data cost-effectively, with a level of flexibility and scalability that was previously unattainable. These capabilities are crucial for businesses looking to identify strategic direction and significantly improve the allocation and management of their physical spaces.”

“I’m really excited to introduce our solution to the corporate real estate sector,” said Nic Halverson, the CEO of Occuspace. “We’re challenging the status quo by confronting the waste entrenched within our physical environments. From underutilized office spaces to excessive energy consumption, the inefficiencies are glaring. Our vision is to simplify access to space use data, offering affordable scalable solutions that empower businesses to unearth new insights that will fuel streamlined operations, and foster sustainable spaces for tomorrow.”

Plug-in to endless possibilities. Discover Modern Workplace Data Today with Occuspace.

Occuspace provides corporate real estate the data tools needed to rethink and transform workspace management. For a personalized demonstration of how Occuspace can enhance space utilization and efficiency, contact Sandra Panara using the contact info below.

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About Occuspace

Occuspace provides advanced real-time crowd analytics and space management solutions for diverse industries and verticals. Utilizing sensors that detect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, coupled with a robust machine learning algorithm, our technology accurately quantifies occupancy and utilization levels. Features include real-time monitoring, capacity alerts, data visualization, trend analysis, and predictive busy time displays. Our self-installable sensors ensure easy setup and our APIs ensure seamless integration with reservation platforms and/or IWMS platforms to name a few, maintaining a commitment to privacy without cameras or storing personally identifiable information. Occuspace.io empowers businesses to optimize their physical spaces, enhancing efficiency and customer experiences. For more information, visit www.occuspace.io.

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