Outstanding 2023 Graduating Senior Jessica Kincaide Benefits from NCRF’s Movement Enrichment Program

Our story is about the memories, experiences, tears, losses, and wins that went before.”

— Jessica Kincaide, Scholarship Recipient

WALNUT, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — National College Resource Foundation’s (NCRF) mission to help and uplift students is exemplified by Jessica Kincaide, a former student of NCRF’s Movement Enrichment program (The Movement). After overcoming the challenges of the foster care system and facing an additional setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jessica’s unwavering determination has propelled her to earn a full ride and a spot this fall in New York University’s (NYU) Liberal Studies program for first year students in London.

Jessica, like many other students, was able to utilize the support provided by The Movement program to enhance her high school experience and get to where she is today. At the height of the pandemic, Jessica and her family thought it would be best for her to learn from home. When she resumed in-person learning her senior year, Jessica decided to get involved in various programs at her high school, Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design in Pomona, CA. It was through The Movement and her involvement in the Associated Student Body (ASB) activities that she found her voice. Drawing from her experiences and challenges, she crafted an unforgettable senior speech as Salutatorian that touched the hearts of her peers and educators alike.

Her story inspired The Movement team and others so much that NCRF awarded her a scholarship and laptop to help support her college experience. “Your stories are still unfolding,” she says as she reflects and offers advice to high school students. She encourages them to embrace every opportunity to learn and to meet new people. “Our stories are about the memories, experiences, tears, losses, and wins that went before,” says Jessica, which makes her incredibly grateful to all the people who have helped her along the way. Jessica’s tenacity and perseverance have now led her to a new chapter in her life, as she embarks on her academic journey at NYU. She plans to use this opportunity to expand her knowledge in psychology and further her quest to create meaningful change. As she enters this prestigious institution, Jessica intends to stay committed to inspiring people from all walks of life, regardless of the career path she ultimately chooses.

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