polo players ride horseback in enclosed polo arena

Hattie Ward and Spencer Hurtt go head-to-head during Pacific Coast Arena League (PCAL) at OC Polo Club photo-Tequila Sunset’s Photography

Two polo players engage in ride-off on horseback during polo game

Ethan Bankhead and Emma Blackwood go head-to-head during Pacific Coast Arena League at Lakeside Polo Club photo by Tequila Sunset’s Photography

three polo players ride after a ball on horseback during play

Garrett Bankhead out in front of Jared Sheldon during Pacific Coast Arena League (PCAL) high goal Friday night under the lights at OC Polo Club photo-Tequila Sunset’s Photography

Two polo players ride after ball during play

Maggie Papka and Chuck Stanislawski battle in the saddle during Pacific Coast Arena League (PCAL) photo-Tequila Sunset’s Photography

Male polo player rides horse after polo ball in play

Rehan Kumble playing Pacific Coast Arena League at Lakeside polo Club Photo by Tequila Sunset’s Photography

Arena Polo Competition in Southern California Prepares for Another Thrilling Season in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties

Arena polo under the lights is a great opportunity for new spectators to experience the thrill of arena polo.”

— Heather Perkins

LAKESIDE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pacific Coast Arena League (PCAL) is headed into its thirteenth season in 2024 on the heels of a hit 2023 season featuring several United States Polo Association (USPA) arena polo tournaments held across The Golden State.

Arena polo, also known as hockey on horseback, is a ball and mallet sport played on horseback. Arena polo is played in an enclosed arena with two goal mouths set into either end of the 300 by 150-foot dirt or sand arena. The game is played with teams of three players all mounted on horseback. All players are equipped with bamboo cane mallets and attempt to move the ball into their respective goals to rack up points.

Periods of play last for 7.5 minutes and are known as “chukkers” or “chukkas”. At the end of a game, consisting of four chukkers, the team that has the highest number of goals wins. Teams must abide by all rules to ensure the safety of players and horses. Arena polo is a unique sport with both men and women and all ages competing on the same playing field, creating an atmosphere of competition and cooperation that everyone can enjoy.

This year’s PCAL will host the National Arena Chairman’s Cup with games during this high goal tournament being played at each location on Friday evenings.

“Arena polo under the lights is a great opportunity for new spectators to experience the thrill of arena polo,” says Heather Perkins, polo player and manager of OC Polo Club in Silverado. “Sports and horse enthusiasts are welcome to come check out the action.” OC Polo Club in Orange County, will host the first PCAL event of the 2024 season May 31 – June 2

In additional to the USPA National Arena Chairman’s Cup, PCAL clubs will also be hosting General George Patton arena tournament sponsored by Patton Legacy Sports. Players in the tournament must have a military connection with either personal military service or a family member who served.

According to Nicole Bankhead of Lakeside Polo Club near San Diego, “With the military presence in Southern California, the General Patton tournament is a natural fit for the PCAL clubs. Lakeside has a strong military history through our founder Rear Admiral Eugene “Doc” Hering and continued support with military polo tournaments.” Lakeside Polo Club in San Diego County will be hosting their PCAL event June 28-30.

Michelle Strauss of Patton Legacy Sports adds, “Patton Polo is honored to sponsor PCAL’s General Patton tournaments again in 2024. This innovative polo competition series is an inspiring concept. One that aides in building the future of the sport by engaging young competitors with more options for tournaments and opens more opportunity for mentorship.”

California Polo Club in Los Angeles County is back on the PCAL roster of host locations for 2024, holding their event September 27-29.

“California Polo Club (CPC) is proud to be back as a host location for PCAL. While we have always supported PCAL with teams and players and have been a host location in the past, there was a hiatus during Covid. After hosting the US Open Arena Polo Championship in 2023 with a record number of teams, CPC is excited about being back in the PCAL line-up,” says Rodney Fragodt of California Polo Club

PCAL 2024 dates and locations:
OC Polo Club, 27271 Silverado Canyon Rd, Silverado, CA May 31-June 2
Lakeside Polo Club, 10631 Ashwood St, Lakeside, CA June 28-30
California Polo Club, 11035 Osborne St, Sylmar, CA Sept 27-29

You can follow PCAL – Pacific Coast Arena League on Facebook and @pcalarenapolo Instagram. The new PCAL website is under construction and will have all of the information pcalpolo.com.
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