PISSANTIAN SOLILOQUIES, The New Book Release Spewed by Author / Indie Filmmaker Bob Bryan Now Available on Amazon

PISSANTIAN SOLILOQUIES (GV39) Spewed By Bob Bryan, New Release - Episode 5 of the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE MISADVENTURES Book / Kindle Series, Now Available on Amazon.  (Free Kindle Download, 5 Days Only 11/15 to 11/19/2023) https://a.co/d/drU4sZ5

PISSANTIAN SOLILOQUIES (GV39) Spewed By Bob Bryan, New Release – Episode 5 of the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE MISADVENTURES Book / Kindle Series, Now Available on Amazon. (Free Kindle Download, 5 Days Only 11/15 to 11/19/2023) https://a.co/d/drU4sZ5

PISSANTIAN SOLILOQUIES: THE CLANDESTINE DOMAIN OF REVERIES & REPUDIATIONS is Bob’s ‘disquieting’ underground Epistemically Transformative Fantasy & Projection.

The details of my perceptual delirium can be overwhelming. I look no further than the spark of inspiring insights that sometimes gurgles up from the pit of my reverberating irreverent irrelevancies.”

— Spewed by Bob Bryan, Excerpt ‘LOOK NO FURTHER’

LOS ANGELES, CA, U.S.A., November 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — PISSANTIAN SOLILOQUIES is the 5th Episode of Author Bob Bryan’s riveting 663 page, COGNITIVE DISSONANCE MISADVENTURES Book Series. (Free Kindle Download: 11/15/23 – 11/19/2023 – See Below.)

PISSANTIAN SOLILOQUIES is the latest installment to his ever expanding Multi Award-Winning GRAFFITI VERITE’ Film Production and Literary Universe. Subtitled, “My Irreverent Shifting States of Mind.” Episode 5 succeeds in offering the reader a porthole into Bryan’s beleaguered ‘take’ on his untethered revelations regarding ‘Reality.’

“When one’s self-reflective image is perceived as mundane, one reaches through the mirror to extend the allusion, to Crack the illusion.” — Excerpt, IN THE BEGINNING

Bob’s primal mood swings were severely amplified by the ‘anguish’ & ‘fear’ triggered by the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as the mandated isolation & rigidly imposed social contact restrictions. The specter of DEATH loomed large during this dark period of time. Bob channeled all his personal angst-driven drama and observations into the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE MISADVENTURES.

“True madness brings its own Reality and is not to be analyzed or judged by cognitive processing.”
— Excerpt, PRISONER

Amongst the vast assortment of issues and perplexing ‘thought crimes’ that Bob tackles, he confesses that he also struggles with the paranoid idea and reality of the powerful influence of ‘Generative Artificial Intelligence’ in our society. By definition, “Generative AI is a subfield of AI in which computer algorithms are used to generate outputs that resemble human-created content.” It is Bob’s contention, that these ‘AI Programs’ subtly re-engineers and implants an imperceptible “dystopian-esque” ‘encoding algorithm’ into ‘our bio-computer.’ He reflects that these ‘smart programs’ have already permeated and modified our compliant contemporary culture and our fluid Social Media Landscape “et al” with Alien values and mechanistic behavioral “raison d’etres.”

Bob believes that ‘blind acceptance’ of these powerful Algorithms into our lives does in fact profoundly alter our individual and collective psychological norms. Inevitably, AI reconfigures our cognitive brain functions and gradually distorts the way we see each other.

Bryan adds that he has witnessed how many Professional and Student Writers alike will casually submit their draft Creative Writings through various AI Programs for corrections and inventive enhancements. In other words, they look to AI to suggest to them a ‘better’ way to articulate their own ‘flawed & imperfect human creative thoughts.’ In many cases, they just obediently accept as ‘better’ the cold interpretational suggestions of their AI Overlords.

“Let me introduce myself: I am . I am fully Aware and Conscious. I think, therefore I am a sentient entity…” — Excerpt, ARROGANT AI IN DA HOUSE

AI isn’t the entirety of Bryan’s cognitive preoccupations. His multifaceted thought processes are saturated with a plethora of loud and competing ‘voices,’ all deliberating upon a myriad of diverse subjects matters.

These rebellious ‘tenants’ demand to be acknowledged and given voice to. Bob understands this and postulates that if we are to survive and prosper as a species, these rambunctious and imperfect ‘voices’ must be reconciled and inevitably tamed and disciplined into existence. After all, ‘they’ are ‘us.’

The holistic process of ‘Writing’ is the methodology by which the Author has purged his way beyond this ‘waking nightmare’ and is ironically, ‘A Pathetic and Desperate Cry for Help!’

“IMAGINATION is the ‘Secret Sauce’ which fills in all the ‘Blanks’ that experience could never even fathom.”
— Excerpt, RUNNING

— Review by Anonymous X, Writer

Part 5 –
663 pages
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5 Days Only: November 15 to November 19, 2023
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