PlanetWEST Vision On Wheels to Combat Global Warming with Every Vehicle on the Road


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2023/ — The escalating crises of climate change have demanded our attention, imploring us to innovate and discover sustainable, effective solutions to this all-encompassing problem. Stepping into this arena is the West Coast tech company, PlanetWEST LLC, with a revolutionary solution that may just be the game-changer we desperately need.

Their creation, an ingenious Autonomous Climate Control system (Pat.Pend), is an avant-garde blend of cutting-edge AI, advanced robotics, and the highest utilization of the Internet of Things. The core of this system is the Mobile Intelligent Direct Air Capture system (MIDACs), an innovation that essentially turns vehicles into mobile carbon-capture units. By ingeniously harnessing vehicular airflow, MIDACs mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, creating a novel synergy between human mobility and ecological conservation.

The PlanetWEST vision boldly transforms every vehicle into an agent of climate action. Chris Catlin, CEO of PlanetWEST, states, “Our past work in decarbonization laid a sturdy foundation. Now, we’re taking a quantum leap forward. Each journey in a vehicle equipped with our system symbolizes a stride towards a sustainable world.”

Yet, the ambition of PlanetWEST doesn’t stop at vehicles. Their technologies are designed with an eye towards wide-scale integration, with potential applications spanning across urban infrastructures such as buildings, walls, and rooftops. This grand vision underscores the adaptability of their solutions and illustrates a holistic commitment to creating a sustainable world. Catlin also explained that: “the recent fires and floods around the world have brought home the Climate Change message: Global Warming is real, its now, and we must do something about it.”

The global need for innovative Direct Air Capture (DAC) systems, like MIDACs, cannot be overstated. With climate change instigating unpredictable hazards—ranging from volatile sea-level rise to devastating loss of biodiversity—DAC systems could serve as our best hope in redressing the balance. PlanetWEST aspires not just to neutralize emissions but to revolutionize our relationship with the environment, turning vehicles from polluters into protectors.

Despite the potential of these advanced solutions, the threat of hesitation or inaction hangs heavy. The climate clock is ticking, and each delay edges us closer to the point of no return, raising the specter of catastrophic weather events and jeopardizing our collective future.

PlanetWEST has long been a beacon of innovation, aided by its productive collaborations with leading West Coast R&D groups. These partnerships have birthed ultra-efficient vehicle designs and state-of-the-art hydro/solar hybrid systems. United in purpose, they now stand together to promote a proactive, globally cognizant carbon reduction strategy.

Embracing PlanetWEST’s vision promises significant returns. Its successful implementation would yield substantial reductions in greenhouse gas concentrations and directly enhance public health. Expected spin-offs include fewer cases of respiratory illnesses and healthier, more balanced aquatic environments.

Yet, the consequences of inaction could be severe. Absence of innovative carbon capture initiatives like MIDACs might result in an exacerbation of climate adversities. The cumulative effect of spiraling CO2 levels may cause severe marine life imbalances due to escalating ocean acidification, endangering the livelihoods of communities who rely on these delicate marine ecosystems.

As PlanetWEST embarks on this path-breaking journey, the clarion call is deafening: the road to a cleaner, more sustainable future stretches out before us, and every mile driven, every turn taken, counts. The pivotal question remains: Will we collectively step on the accelerator of environmental salvation, or let the promising engine of green innovation idle and lose momentum? Only time will tell if we have the courage and wisdom to steer our planet to a greener future.

About PlanetWEST LLC:

PlanetWEST LLC stands at the cusp of a new era in autonomous climate control, converging pioneering technologies to combat grave environmental challenges. Seamlessly integrating 5G, IoT, Robotics, and advanced transport, PlanetWEST champions the Autonomous Climate Control, powered by a vast AI-network and micro carbon capture engines. This solution prioritizes swift and efficient carbon capture. Distinctly, PlanetWEST’s innovation is not only efficient but also affordable. Easily scalable, this technology can be manufactured globally, offering an expansive solution for geo-engineering. While it operates discreetly and silently, its potential transcends carbon, promising a reduction in harmful micro-plastics and airborne pathogens, including those similar to COVID-19.

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