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BIM Checking and Verification

BIM Checking and Verification

Plannerly revolutionizes BIM management with centralized standards & ISO 19650 compliance. Streamlined workflows empower teams worldwide.

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2023/ — Plannerly Empowers Teams with Centralized BIM Standards and ISO 19650 Compliance

Plannerly, the leading provider of Building Information Modeling (BIM) management tools, is revolutionizing the industry by offering an integrated workflow for BIM standards and ISO 19650 compliance. This centralized solution will empower teams with a seamless, automated approach to managing their BIM standards and project contracts.

“With Plannerly, owners, architects, and contractors can manage their BIM standards in one central location, providing all teams easy access to the latest requirements for every project,” says Plannerly CEO Clive Jordan. “We are committed to making it easier for project teams to understand their requirements while ensuring they can clearly demonstrate compliance. Moreover, Plannerly proudly partners with buildingSMART to adhere to industry standards and promote collaboration across the construction ecosystem.”

Plannerly’s solution offers a new level of efficiency and accuracy to the construction industry. The platform automates workflows, reducing administrative burdens and leaving more time for teams to focus on design and build quality. This results in increased productivity, reduced errors, and better adherence to BIM standards, ultimately leading to more successful projects.

“Plannerly is transforming how we approach BIM planning and ISO 19650 compliance. This isn’t just about streamlining processes – it’s about empowering teams to collaborate more effectively and deliver projects on time and within budget,” adds Clive.

Embracing Plannerly’s integrated workflow ensures that every team member stays on the same page, increasing overall project efficiency. Plannerly now has over 60,000 teams using the platform in over 100 countries 💯🔥

About Plannerly
Plannerly is a groundbreaking platform that simplifies BIM planning and ISO 19650 compliance. The platform provides a centralized location for BIM standards and project contracts, streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency. With Plannerly, project teams can easily access the latest owner requirements and demonstrate compliance.

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