Pluriselect-USA Presents the Latest Advances in Lab Cell Strainers for Enhanced Sample Preparation

Lab Cell Strainers for Enhanced Sample Preparation

Pluriselect-USA Introduces New families of lab cell strainers, redefining sample preparation for enhanced research efficiency

EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2023/ — Pluriselect-USA, is a leading producer and worldwide supplier of labware optimized for cell separation and particle filtration. We constantly expand our product lines of mesh and membrane-based particle and cell separation. Each new product is designed to support a specific task in sample preparation. The unique range of our sample preparation devices provides researchers with unparalleled efficiency, versatility, and ease of use.

Our Classic the pluriStrainer: Elevating Sample Preparation to New Heights

PluriStrainer in 18 mesh sizes stands at the forefront of advanced cell strainers. It is designed for precision and convenience in the lab.

Key features of the pluriStrainer include:

• Filter: Easily attach to a 50 mL centrifuge tube, add sample material, and filter effortlessly.
• Reverse: Obtain the larger fraction by flipping it onto another tube and flushing back the sample.
• Increase sample load: Use the funnel attachment to add up to 24 mL of sample material.
• Stackable: Strain various cell sizes simultaneously by stacking different mesh sizes.
• The unique Connector Ring allows flow control.
• Wide range of Applications: Perfect for single-cell suspensions, cell enrichment with pluriBead technology, and preparing samples for flow cytometry.

The Mini-Strainer: Optimized for Small Sample Volumes

Mini Strainer is designed to excel in handling small sample volumes while delivering outstanding results.

Key features of the Mini Strainer include:

• Available pore sizes: Choose from 5, 10, 20, 40, 70, 100 & 200 µm for precise filtration.
• 800 ul reservoir: Easily accommodates small sample volumes.
• Sterile and Ready-to-Use: Ensures convenience and upholds laboratory standards. Applications include preparing cell suspensions, flow cytometry, removing cell aggregates and large particles from blood samples, and preparing samples for magnetic or fluorescent cell labeling.

The Syringe-Strainer: Easy Particle Recovery

Syringe-Strainer is designed for easy particle recovery and precise liquid filtration in laboratory applications. With its unique features and user-friendly configuration, it offers researchers unparalleled efficiency and convenience. The luer-lock port on top of the screw cap allows the filtration of unlimited volume.

Key features of the Syringe-Strainer include:

• Effortless Particle Recovery: Unique design allows easy backflushing via negative pressure, minimizing sample loss.
• Versatile Applications: Ideal for high-volume filtration, particle separation, and liquid purification tasks in the lab.

The Membrane Strainers: Precise Filtration and Detection

We will introduce more membrane-based sample preparation devices by implementing the track-etched membranes. is a cutting-edge cell strainer engineered for unparalleled precise filtration and detection of particles in laboratory applications. In comparison to other methods of pore generation, the track etch method generated single holes of a defined diameter.

Key features of the Membrane Strainer include:

• Precision Filtration: Choose from 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10 μm pore sizes for accurate particle separation and reliable results.
• Exceptional Versatility: Ideal for biological and environmental analyses, with non-hygroscopic, non-cytotoxic, and chemical-resistant membrane filters suitable for various sample types.
• Efficient Particle Detection: Advanced membrane filtration technology enables sensitive and efficient particle detection, offering crucial insights into sample composition.
• User-Friendly Design: Designed for researchers’ convenience, streamlining laboratory processes and saving time during experiments.

The Steel Basket-Strainer: Robust Filtration Solution

The 45 mm long strainer retains a volume of 20 ml. Due to the excellent mechanical stability of the non-magnetic SS 316 steel; the basket strainer is perfect to extract liquids from a porous material. 30 g of solid material can be extracted with 2,000 x g. The Steel Basket-Strainer can be reused several times. Heat sterilization or autoclaving is recommended.

Key features of the SteeBasket-Strainer include:

• Wide Range of Pore Sizes: Choose from 20 µm, 50 µm, 100 µm, 200 µm, and 500 µm options for versatile filtration applications. The
• Reusable and Regenerable: The steel mesh filter is reusable, and strainers can be regenerated by ultrasonic bath or backwashing. Heat sterilization or autoclaving is possible due to its robust construction.
• High Temperature and Pressure Tolerance: Withstands high temperatures and pressures, ideal for various industries like petroleum, chemical, aerospace, and food processing.

The In-Line-Strainer (Re-Strainer): High-Volume Filtration with Particle Recovery

The Re-Strainer is a filtration device for high volumes of liquid to exclude or concentrate particles from liquids with the possibility of particle recovery. The 6 ml recovery reservoir can be accessed by unscrewing the cap. The Re-Strainer has two female luer-lock-ports

Key features of the Re-Strainer include:

• Filtration of large sample volume
• Cascade filtration
• Size-fractionation of particles
• Removal of smaller impurities
• Concentration of rare particles from large volumes
• Cartridge for affinity chromatography gels

The Mini-Membrane-Strainer: Versatile Sample Preparation

Mini-Membrane-Strainer, a cutting-edge sample preparation device for laboratories seeking to remove or concentrate particles from small volumes (up to 800 ul).

Key features of the Mini-Membrane-Strainer include:

• PET Membrane with Precise Pore Openings: Etched PET membranes with 1 um, 3 um, 5 um, and 8 um pore sizes.
• Universal Compatibility: Fits various tubes, including 1.5 ml /2.0 ml reaction tubes, 15 ml conical centrifuge tubes, FACS™ tubes, Cryo vials, 24 well plates, and 48 well plates.
• Perfect Replacement for Strainer Caps: The Mini Strainer 5 um seamlessly replaces standard strainer caps in flow cytometry tubes.

Pluriselect-USA is committed to advancing laboratory practices by providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance sample preparation and streamline research workflows. Researchers can now take advantage of our innovative cell strainers to achieve unmatched efficiency and precision in their experiments.

For more information about our range of lab cell strainers and to place an order, please visit our website.

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