Polysense Introduces iEdge 4.0 Based Next Generation Industry Standard Smart Gas Sensors

Polysense introduces 500+ next generation industry standard professional gas sensors for various applications

SANTA CLARA, CA, USA, July 25, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Polysense Technologies Inc., (Polysense), a leading provider of LPWA industrial IoT solutions, today announced the availability of its new iEdge 4.0 based industry standard professional smart gas sensors. These industry standard gas sensors include those for small scale (PPB) and low concentration (1PPM) gas monitoring, large scale (PPM) and high concentration (0.1PPM) gas monitoring, low temperature environment (-40-+55℃), Flammable, explosive, dangerous and toxic gas monitoring. These sensors can be used indoor and outdoor with different enclosures for smart building, for indoor industry locations and for explosive environment.

These sensors are designed to work seamlessly with Polysense PSS sensors to build into one enclosure which empowered by iEdge 4.0 OS to form different product series, including: WxS6800 BLE series, WxS7800 WiFi series, WxS8800 LoRaWan series , WxS9800/9900 NB-IoT Series, WxSC800 LTE Cat1 and LTE series, WxSD800 LTE CatM series.

Gas sensors are the most important intelligent devices used in modern society, to monitor the HCHO and TVOC in home ensure the fresh air quality, to monitor the CO and other toxic gas to ensure human safety and security, to monitor the H2S and other toxic gases in chemical plant to ensure safety, to monitor the CO2 concentration to ensure fresh air system operation in office building. Gas monitoring is an increasing requirements for our daily life, work, and study, where the presence and concentration of targeted gases need to be detected and monitored timely, to trigger the related devices to eliminate it or to report to trigger alarm to ensure the safety.

The industry standard gas sensors announced today includes over 500+, with most popular used in industry, with 3-in-1 and 4-in-1, different scales and concentrations, for different applications and different working temperature. These gas sensors include those most popular: TVOC, CO, H2S, NH3, H2, O2, NO2, Smell, Smoke, HCN, SO2, HCHO, HCL, CL2, CH4S, CLO2, HF, O3, Br2, F2, ETO, PH3, AsH3, SiH4, B2H6, G3H4, HBr, IAQ etc.

“We are pleased to announce the availability of the next generation electrochemical gas sensors and expanded 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 sensors for the increasing gas detection market, to meet the variety application scenarios for gas monitoring of various detection scales and concentrations, for the customers such as industry pant, office building, hospital, factory polluted air emissions, warehouse, colling systems, and IIoT environment.” Said Alex Wu, CEO and president of Polysense Technologies, “with the new products release, we can now meet the customer’s changing requirements in gas monitoring market with refined product definition. Comparing the existing gas sensors, the new products include much more detection scale and gas concentration options for each specific gas. Besides this, the gas calibration is much easier with software tool command provided.”

The sensors are also designed to be highly reliable and durable. The 3-in-1 gas sensors all are combined the gas sensor with build-in temperature and humidity sensors, and the 4-in-1 combined two types of gas sensors and built-in temperature and humidity sensors. For those harsh usage environment, the sensors are protected with dust and corrosion prevention design, and suitable for low temperature up to -40~+55℃。

The sensors can also be used with any Polysense PSS sensors to combine complex functional product with BYOD features, to build your own devices for your applications. The new gas sensors have the following categories with the PSS-21R— as the product numbers and the 4-in-1 sensors with the product number PSS-Rxxxx-:

– Small detection range scale and low gas concentration, PPB detection level; suitable for indoor/outdoor Air Quality monitoring, Public healthcare environment, Air purifier, HVAC, Refrigerator odor monitoring, Smart public toilet, UAV mounting monitoring
– Large gas range scale and high gas concentration, ppm level, suitable for Power battery fire warning and monitoring, Monitoring of odor in livestock farming, Fire emergency alarm and monitoring, Factory safety monitoring, VOCs oil and fume emission monitoring
– Industrial standard low temperature resistance design, suitable for Industry gas emission detection, Factory pollution emission monitoring, grid and energy industry, Industrial process safety control, smoke analysis, oil and smoke emission detection, IIOT safety monitoring, Industry warehouse, colling system, coal mine safety etc.
– Gas monitoring and indoor and outdoor ambient air quality monitoring, suitable for Industry gas safety monitoring, Polluted gas emission monitoring

These gas sensors need to be use with Polysense IoT terminals, for example LoRaWan WxS8800 to form WxS8800-R0C0A1 which is the LoRa 4-in-1 temperature+Humidity+NH3+H2S sensors.

Orders can be placed immediately. For pricing or further information, Please contact : info@polysense.net

About Polysense

Founded in 2013 and Located in Santa Clara, California, Polysense starts the business from EPON/GPON focused edge products in data telecommunications industry, and expands the value proposition to data sensing focused IoT industry after we realized the next stop of Information Technologies development will be ubiquitous sensing for the upcoming smart digital things world. With the business philosophy of “sensing and connecting the world” in mind, the company is committed to providing the end-to-end integrated solutions of “universal sensing and communication” for the Internet of Things market. Empowered by iEdge 4.0 virtual micro kernel IoT Things OS and the cutting-edge configurable and modular open architecture, Polysense provides BYOD (Build-Your-Own-Devices) capabilities and services of white label, rebrand, OEM and ODM to simplify the sensing complexity and reduce the sensing cost in the real things world.

Polysense IoT products include decoupled various chemical and physical sensors and communications of BLE, LoRaWan, WiFi, NB-IoT, Cellular LTE Cat1 and Cat M, which will be expanded to next planned area. Private communication and protocol technologies are easier to be expanded and grafted so that various IoT terminal products are available for those such as satellite communications.

With the global customers and partners over 150 countries, we will continuously contribute to the digital transformation of business, work, life and study of human beings. let’s sensing and connecting the digital world together with the BYOD services of Polysense Technologies!
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