Polysense introduces 10 innovative PSS IAQ sensors, featuring advanced detection and enhancing air quality monitoring for commercial and public spaces

SANTA CLARA, CA, USA, May 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Polysense Technologies Inc.(Polysense), a frontrunner in Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) IoT solutions for wireless sensing, is proud to introduce its latest suite of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors, representing the next generation of the company’s PSS sensors product line. These ready-to-use multi-sensor solutions are powered by the iEdge 4.0 OS and the adaptable WxS product platform, designed to offer a seamless and modular approach to IAQ monitoring.

Enhancing IAQ with Immediate, Plug-and-Play Technology:
The expanded PSS IAQ sensor portfolio introduces 10 sophisticated models, adding to Polysense’s extensive catalogue of over 300 gas sensors and multi-analyte sensors. These sensors are crafted to offer immediate, out-of-the-box solutions for a variety of environments, including commercial, educational, industrial, and public spaces worldwide.

Innovative Sensors for Swift Environmental Assessment:
Each PSS IAQ sensor is engineered with advanced detection capabilities to identify and quantify indoor pollutants and contaminants such as CO2, TVoC, HCHO, and PM levels. These ready-to-use sensors also monitor temperature, humidity, and air pressure, providing a full spectrum analysis of indoor environments to facilitate swift and informed decisions for air quality improvement.

Integration with WxS Terminals and Wireless Connectivity:
A key feature of the new PSS IAQ sensors is their seamless integration with WxS terminals, such as the WxS8800 for LoRaWan, WxS9900 for NB-IoT and WxSD800 for LTE Cat M. These terminals provide a flexible wireless uplink for cloud connectivity, supporting a range of protocols including NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, LTE Cat1, Cat M, and Cat4. This ensures that the PSS IAQ sensors can be easily integrated into existing smart systems and IoT ecosystems, enabling remote monitoring and data analysis.

CEO’s Commitment to User-Friendly Technology:
Alex Wu, President & CEO of Polysense Technologies, highlighted the user-centric design of the new PSS IAQ sensors: “At Polysense, we are committed to developing technology that is not only innovative but also accessible. Our new PSS IAQ sensors are designed to be plug-and-play, allowing for immediate deployment and tangible improvements in IAQ without the need for complex setup procedures. When paired with our WxS terminals, these sensors offer a robust and flexible solution for IAQ monitoring, with support for multiple wireless protocols to ensure reliable and remote monitoring capabilities.”

Customizable Solutions Tailored for Specific Needs:
Polysense’s BYOD (Build-Your-Own-Devices) philosophy enables customers to mix and match PSS sensors to create custom solutions that target specific gas parameters. The new PSS multiple-in-1 sensors are pre-integrated, tested, and ready for immediate use, offering ease of deployment and reliability.

Comprehensive PSS IAQ Sensors Portfolio:
The newly launched PSS IAQ sensors include:
– PSS-420011: 4-in-1 IAQ Gas (CO, H2S, O2, CH4) Sensors, 5VDC
– PSS-423021: 3-in-1 IAQ (VoC, HCHO, CO2) Sensors, 5VDC
– PSS-423022: 3-in-1 IAQ (Temp, Humidity, TVoC) Sensors, 5VDC
– PSS-423032: 7-in-1 IAQ (PM1/2.5/10, CO2, HCHO-ug/m³, Temp, Humidity) Sensors, 5VDC
– PSS-423034: 6-in-1 IAQ (PM1/2.5/10, CO2, Temp, Humidity) Sensors, 5VDC
– PSS-423042: 7-in-1 IAQ (PM1/2.5/10, CO2, TVOC-ug/m³, Temp, Humidity) Sensors, 5VDC
– PSS-423045: 6-in-1 IAQ (PM1/2.5/10, TVOC-ug/m³, Temp, Humidity) Sensors, 5VDC
– PSS-423053: 7-in-1 IAQ (PM2.5/10, CO2, HCHO-ug/m³, TVOC-ug/m³, Temp, Humidity) Sensors, 5VDC
– PSS-423055: 7-in-1 IAQ (PM1/2.5/10, HCHO-ug/m³, VOC-ug/m³, Temp, Humidity) Sensors, 5VDC
– PSS-423081: 8-in-1 IAQ (PM1/2.5/4/10+VoC Index+Nox Index+Temp+Humidity) Sensors, 5VDC

Ordering and Availability:
The new PSS IAQ sensors are available for immediate order. For pricing details and further information, please contact Polysense Technologies at info@polysense.net or visit https://www.polysense.net.

About Polysense Technologies:
Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Polysense Technologies Inc. has evolved from its beginnings in data telecommunications to a prominent role in IoT data sensing. With a guiding principle of “sensing and connecting the world,” the company offers comprehensive solutions that integrate sensing and communication for the IoT market. Polysense’s innovative approach has established a global customer base, with partners in over 150 countries.

Press Contact:
For media inquiries, please contact Alina Wu at PR@polysense.net.

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Join us in our mission to sense and connect the digital world:
– Website: [https://www.polysense.net]
– Email: info@polysense.net

Note:The PSS IAQ sensors are designed to provide immediate value, with no compromise on the advanced features and performance that Polysense is known for. For a complete list of new PSS IAQ sensors, their specifications, and how they can be integrated into existing systems, please visit the Polysense Technologies website.

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