Powder Prints introduces its innovation printing process to the US market

The company’s innovative system employs thermotransfer printing to transfer and cure designs onto products in an environmentally friendly process

We are thrilled to introduce US manufacturers to the future of industrial printing with our groundbreaking thermotransfer printing solution.”

— Shivie Dhillon

SUN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — For businesses looking to print logos and other designs on products, Powder Prints, a Sun Valley, California-based industrial printing company, now offers a powerful new thermotransfer printing system. This cutting-edge printing solution offers unparalleled detail and quality while championing environmentally friendly processes often lacking in other industrial print systems.

Powder Prints is the first company in the US to acquire this cutting-edge machinery and is currently the only US company offering this innovative printing process. The thermotransfer printer supports durable, high-resolution image transfers that do not interfere with the recyclability of the product it adheres designs to. Additionally, the 1200 DPI photorealistic print quality lends itself to micro text and IQ labels so that a product can be serialized and registered with Powder Prints’ heuristic supply chain protocol (HSCP), giving end users peace of mind by offering a way to verify product authentication, safety, and protection.

Powder Prints’ electrophotographic CMYK+W system prints designs on a carrier material using a long transfer medium with a maximum width of 500 mm with pin-sharp precision. The process offers incomparable chemical and mechanical resistance and an abundance of colors. Once the design is printed, it is transferred to the material of choice via heat and pressure. In the final stage of printing, the tattoo-transferred image is cured on the object using either convection, infrared (IR), or even near-infrared (NIR) systems. The resulting design is scratch-resistant and highly detailed, giving products featuring designs created via Powder Prints’ method a market advantage over traditional print methods.

In addition to high-resolution, superior print quality, the Powder Prints process is environmentally friendly, meaning companies never have to choose between quality and earth-friendly practices. The innovative printer and its processes generate minimal CO2 and are solvent-free, making it more sustainable than other industrial print processes.

“We are thrilled to introduce US manufacturers to the future of industrial printing with our groundbreaking thermotransfer printing solution,” said Shivie Dhillon, founder of Powder Prints. “A number of companies across Europe have been utilizing this process with great success. At Powder Prints, we wanted to introduce this innovative process to the US market, giving our partners access to a high-quality print process that is unparalleled in detail while also being sustainable, making it a smart choice for companies who are committed to never compromising their environmental ethics for quality products.”

To learn more about the Powder Prints’ environmentally friendly thermotransfer industrial print solutions, visit powderprints.com.

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